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   Chapter 483 She Was Once The Apple Of His Eye

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But now, Mandy and Colin were already married. At that thought, Nathan grew green with envy. What was he going to do now? Would he still keep her by his side or would he let her go? Nathan believed that he could find someone a thousand times better than Mandy, so why was he making things so difficult?

The time that Mandy and Colin spent together was far longer than the time she had spent with him. Having seen the way they interacted with each other, Nathan felt even more dejected. He couldn't help but wonder what they had been up to for the last three years.

Perhaps love couldn't really be forced by others. Just now, when Mandy had kissed him, Nathan mistook her alienation for coldness. He wondered how many times Colin had kissed her in the past three years? How many times did they make out? A series of questions flooded his mind, and he clenched his fists.

No matter what, Nathan was determined to win Mandy over. He couldn't just let bygones be bygones.

When Mandy came out of the bathroom, she looked fresher. However, she still seemed uneasy.

He didn't know why she was so afraid of him. It wasn't as if he was going to eat her!

In the past, she had even been the apple of his eye.

Mandy entered his black Bugatti. There was no other ornaments in his car except for the yellow amulet hanging on his rear-view mirror. Mandy narrowed her eyes.

It was the exact same amulet she'd hung in his car four years ago. Did he keep it with him all these years?

Mandy stretched out her fingers to touch the yellow amulet. She remembered what she'd said to Nathan when she gave it to hi

jumped out of the stool and ran up to her mother. "Mommy!"

Mandy held her daughter tightly in her arms. She must've been frightened throughout the whole ordeal. After all, she was just a three-year-old!

However, instead of crying, Lisa clapped her hands happily. "Mom, Adrian and I are playing the piano."

Mandy furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. 'How could she still be so happy?' she thought.

Lisa had always been such an outgoing girl. However, when she saw Nathan, she shrank back.

"Don't be afraid, Lisa. The uncle is mommy's friend," Mandy said.

Lisa bit her lip, avoiding Nathan's gaze.

On the day they met in the zoo, weren't they having a fight? When did they become friends? Lisa couldn't understand what was happening.

"Father," Adrian greeted, standing up. He didn't run up to his father. Instead, he stood gracefully.

"Adrian, you wanted auntie here to be your music teacher, right? I brought her here today to meet you." Nathan smiled. What he really wanted to say was, 'Son, this is all I can do for now. The rest is up to you.'

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