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   Chapter 478 Long Time No See

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"Dear teachers, I hope that you'll help me manage this music school from now on. Given that I'm busy with the foundation, I won't come here as frequently as I would've wanted to. I hope we'll work on this project as earnestly and as prosperously as we can. I'll give all your deserved wages on time as well," Mandy said politely. She had gathered all five the piano teachers in advance to inform them of the daily operations before they officially opened the music school to the public.

"Mrs. Zhou, don't worry.

We'll devote ourselves to the operations. Concentrate on your foundation, and we'll handle the rest from here."

"I feel safe knowing that the company is in good hands," Mandy said, smiling at every one of them.

Tony, who was Bruce's personal assistant, arrived as soon as the plane had landed. The airport was already bustling as people crowded through the entrance, holding their departure stamps and tickets. In the past three years, Bruce had flown to more than thirty countries, so he was used to the crowds.

"Mr. Xu, where are we going?" Tony asked respectfully while holding onto the steering wheel expertly, and he glanced over at the man with dark sunglasses behind him.

"Let's go to the Pure Joy Music School." Bruce smiled faintly as he opened the car window in the back door. A gust of hot wind blew through the window, leaving his short hair disheveled and messy. He slowly took off his sunglasses, letting the breeze free him from his troubles.

Without another word, Tony started the engine. He knew what had happened to Bruce through those years of Mandy's disappearance. After all, he'd already been working for him for two and a half years. Every time Bruce was in a bad mood, he'd go to a bar and get drunk. When Tony came to pick his boss up, Bruce would always be calling out Mandy's name.

"Have you brought the flowers?" Bruce looked up.

"Yes, sir. They're in the trunk."

After hearing this, Bruce didn't say a word. He took out his phone and gazed at the photo on his lock screen. It was Mandy. He hadn't changed his cellphone's background picture for the past four years. His fingers trailed over her face as the corners of his lips inched up.

It was said that if you

Suddenly, a black Benz S600 stopped at the doors of the Pure Joy Music School. Tony jumped out of the car first and opened the backdoor.

Bruce stepped out of the car. He was handsome with his polished black leather shoes and brown suit. He gazed at his surroundings. Without another word, he walked straight into the building.

At this moment, Mandy was busy handling the operations in the lobby when she heard a loud commotion from the front doors.

"Holy shit! Is that the Deputy Director General from the Bureau of Education?"

"He took office just two years ago. Now, he's the youngest and absolutely the most handsome director in the Ministry in City A!"

Perplexed, Mandy slowly turned her head only to see Bruce's affectionate gaze. Her heart skipped a beat.

Bruce was holding a bouquet of pure lily flowers in his hand. He slowly walked towards her, a smile threading across his lips. "Mand, long time no see."

"It's been a long time, Bruce."

"Here, some lilies," he said, handing her the flowers. His eyes were soft and filled with unrequited love.

"Thank you." Mandy took the lilies awkwardly.

Seeing the commotion happening in the front, Colin went to stand beside her. Mandy quickly handed him the bouquet. Colin knew about Bruce and how much he loved Mandy. Holding the flowers, he quietly walked away from them, not wanting to disturb their private conversation.

"Do you have time to talk?" Bruce asked, looking into Mandy's beautiful eyes.

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