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   Chapter 477 Pure Joy Music School

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"And what about us then? When can we start? Mand, you know how long I've been waiting, and I'm afraid that with all this happening, you'll just go back to Nathan's arms again." Colin stared at her. He'd been patient, but he was afraid that this patience could cause him to lose her.

"And I won't leave you," Mandy responded. However, even she could feel the numbness in her heart, and the confusion drifting into her mind. She just didn't know what to do!

"I'm used to being your companion, and I will always be here for you. Remember that, okay? Let me be the first person you'll call when you're in trouble. Let me be here for you, for whatever you need me to be." He stared deeply into Mandy's eyes, his fingers trailing across her delicate face with so much caution and love. A part of him was also afraid that if he pushed this too hard, she might also leave him.

Mandy knew how much he loved her. She curled her fingers into fists. No matter how much she tried to persuade herself, she just couldn't love him the way he loved her.

"Let me be there for myself too, Colin. I've grown up. I can stand on my own now," Mandy said softly, holding his hands.

He'd already done so much for her.

"I'm just afraid that you'll leave me. You know that Lisa can't live without you," he teased, trying to lighten up the mood. However, a part of him also knew that it was only Lisa who was holding the entire family together.

Mandy's heart

en over her.

Bruce sneered as he rubbed his temple. Why was he missing her again?

After he was promoted, his parents had been forcing him to go on a lot of blind dates. He always hated the feeling of chatting with different strangers. It was hard to fall in love with someone he barely knew.

Christina had been there for him through it all. In the past three years, she'd been volunteering to be his girlfriend so that he didn't have to go through any blind dates.

Although they weren't in love, Christina was very willing to wait for him.

There was still thirty minutes till they touched down at City A, which made Bruce feel even more anxious. He'd already rehearsed what he was planning to say to Mandy. Without another word, he took out his tablet and ordered a bouquet of flowers.

Today was the opening day of Mandy's "Pure Joy Music School." She had already met up with five piano teachers. All of them were incredibly easy to get along with.

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