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   Chapter 472 What I Fear Most Is That She Doesn't Love Me Anymore

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Updated: 2020-05-05 09:14

"What if I told you I was pregnant?"

"We didn't sleep together, did we?" Nathan quickly countered, his gloomy eyes directed at Eva.

"Last month, you got drunk at Simon's party, didn't you?" Eve slowly leaned into him, an ambiguous smile slipping onto her lips.

"I was drunk that day, but I was still conscious. I would know whether I've slept with you or not," he snapped. Nathan's face became colder and colder by the minute as his thick eyelashes hung low, forming a shadow under his dark eyes.

There was something about Nathan's words that sent her into a panic. Speaking with him felt as if she was going on a roller-coaster ride.

'This man's smart as hell, ' Eve thought, shaking her head. She knew for a fact that such simple trickery wouldn't put a dent on his thoughts.

Eve waved her hand dismissively, chuckling. "I was joking, Nathan. Calm down." She smiled, trying to rid the atmosphere of tension.

In Nathan's eyes, Eve was much more stupid than Mandy. Mandy was a wise woman. In fact, he thought that she'd grown even cleverer in the last three years.

A cold smile curved onto Nathan's lips. He didn't say a word.

Eve dug her nails into her palm. She couldn't believe it. She was an elegant woman with a very high degree. In the eyes of others, she was like a goddess with absolutely no shortcomings, yet here she was, trying such trickery to get a man who didn't want anything to do with her.

"It's late. Go back to bed," Nathan said kindly. However, when noticing that Eve's hair was still wet, he did not take out a hair dryer to help dry her hair as he had usually done with Mandy.

"You have changed, haven't you?" Eve mused, a tinge of

igure. 'You have to be strong, Eve. Don't cry!' she thought to herself. "Why the hell do I love him?" she asked herself again and again. It was torture to love a man who wouldn't love you back!

She still remembered the question being asked of her when she was a student: "Who would you choose? Someone who loves you but you don't love him? Or someone you love but he doesn't love you?" Eve remembered replying that she'd choose someone who loved her. It was only then did she realize that it wasn't easy. It was hard to return someone's feelings, but it was easy to sacrifice everything for the person you love.

Nathan and Eve had something in common, which was how stubborn they were with love. Eve refused to let Nathan go, no matter how much he tried to break her heart, while Nathan refused to let Mandy go, no matter how indifferent she was to him.

The moon was quietly hanging in the dark blue sky as Mandy returned to the Summer Villa.

"Little girl, why don't you go to bed?" Mandy scolded jokingly when she saw that Lisa was still awake. She was having great fun playing with Colin in the living room.

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