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   Chapter 470 It Was Over Between Us

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"I've read the news that you and Colin are married. Is that true?" Fiona said. She couldn't believe that her sister would go out of town and get married. Mandy wasn't the type of woman who'd commit herself that easily.

"I adopted a lovely daughter. Her parents helped me so much when I was abroad, so I wanted to. However, according to the law, we could only adopt a child if we were married," Mandy explained calmly, not wanting to hide the truth.

"Since you're already back, does that mean you and Nathan–" Fiona trailed off, noticing how her sister's face had darkened at the mention of his name.

She slowly shook her head. Although Fiona didn't continue, Mandy knew what her sister was going to say. "I won't. We're over."

"About that, I have something to tell you." Fiona licked her lips anxiously.

"What is it?"

"I didn't know why you left three years ago, but during those years, Nathan actually kept in touch with us. He'd visit auntie and uncle ever week. He even adopted a son who's incredibly adorable. His name's Adrian."

"What?" Mandy furrowed her eyebrows. She had no idea that Nathan would do such a thing. Although he'd seen the divorce agreements, he had still made an effort to visit the Zhou Family every week.

She knew about him adopting a son. Colin had told her that the child was probably his illegitimate child, and Nathan had brought him home a year ago to prevent any press releases.

Mandy trusted Colin. Besides, why would a cold man like Nathan be kind enough to adopt a son? He must've played around with other women and got one of them pregnant. Now, he was just cleaning up the mess. Thinking about this, Mandy despised Nathan even more.

"Nathan really loves

ant to tell them of the fake marriage to Colin.

After what she had gone through, Mandy realized that she didn't need to be married to be happy. All she needed was to feel safe–and that was exactly what Colin had given her.

"What happened to the two of you back then?" Madeline frowned. She couldn't help but worry for both Mandy and Nathan.

"I don't want to talk about the past. I just came here to see you. Colin's company will be expanding here, so maybe we'll be heading back here in a few years."

Madeline stood up. "Absolutely not!" she said adamantly. "Does that mean you'll go back to America again?"

"It's hard to say," Mandy tried to soothe them. "It depends."

"Mand, I support your decision on marrying Colin, but please don't leave us." Stanley frowned. There were already deep lines on his forehead that came from the stress that he had gone through during her disappearance.

"Why are you so sad? I'll always come back to visit, plus Nana would be here to take care of you." Mandy was optimistic. There was a time when she thought she wouldn't be able to live without Nathan, and now, she was doing just that!

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