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   Chapter 469 She Was In A Dilemma

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Mandy raised an eyebrow. "And which law states that? Aren't you afraid to be sued, sir?"

"That's the rule of the restaurant. You either follow it, or you leave," the manager snapped. "Fiona, what are you doing? Go to work now!" the manager demanded, glaring at Fiona.

Ethon, who was standing next to Fiona, felt very irritated. Suddenly, he raised his head and glared at the shop manager. The man widened his eyes in surprise that such a happy man could look so frightening.

"I'm a student from the school of law, so you can expect that I'll know all the codes from front to back. If you don't want any trouble, I suggest you pay the salaries that you owe Fiona." To emphasize his point, Ethon grabbed the manager's arm. He cried in surprise. The manager tried to struggle, but Ethon's grip was too strong.

"Let me go... You... Let go of me!" he stammered out in pain, his forehead already beading with sweat.

"Will you pay her now?" Ethon demanded, gripping his arm even more tightly.

"Yes! I'll pay her right now." The shop manager gasped. He found himself unable to speak as he struggled against Ethon's hold.

Hearing his words, Ethon finally let go of him. The shop manager stumbled back as he rushed to the back of the counter and checked his notebook. From the looks of it, he owed Fiona five hundred and twenty dollars. He got the money and gave it to Fiona.

Fiona took the worn bills from him, feeling bitter. This was the first time she had worked for money, and working in this cafe was the worst experience she had ever had. It wasn't easy being a waitress. Not only did she have to deal with sickos, but she also needed to deal with very difficult customers.

The three of them all walked out of the coffee shop. Mandy quickly took the two to a dessert shop nearby.

"Sister, are you really back?" Fiona wasn't able to hold her tears any

are important, but love is also as important. Don't you see how much Ethon loves you?" Although she hadn't met Ethon a lot to know who he truly was, she knew that his brother, Colin, wasn't a bad guy. She concluded that Ethon must then be a good man as well.

"Tina has liked him for six years now," Fiona murmured bitterly. "How could I compete with that?"

"Love can never be measured by time, Fiona. It's the person you should look at. Tell me, won't you regret losing Ethon if he suddenly gives up?" She smiled faintly. Mandy couldn't help but worry for Fiona. Although she was smart and capable, she wasn't that experienced in the love department.

Then again, neither was she. Mandy shook her head. 'If Sharon were alive, would Nathan have chosen her?' One of Mandy's insecurities was that she'd never be able to match up to Sharon. Although she loved Nathan with all her heart, she just couldn't see herself being with him again.

"Maybe. Ethon is a good person," Fiona said dejectedly.

"I'd seize the chance now, Nana," Mandy advised. They were already near MC Garden, her home. Mandy drove the car slowly to the garage of MC Garden. This was her home. No matter how long she had been away, she could always find her way back.

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