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   Chapter 468 She Still Doesn't Accept My Love

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When Colin left City A three years ago, Ethon had changed his mind on applying to a military academy. Instead, he applied to University A. When Malcolm was informed of his son's decision, he was calm. He knew that his son needed to make his own decisions. Monica, on the other hand, felt disgruntled by her son's choice. She knew that a large number of graduates ended up with little employment prospects inside City A, so she had hoped he'd pick a safer path than this.

In all honesty, Ethon had only applied to University A in the hopes of living together with Fiona. Following Mandy's accident, Fiona had taken the hit harder than anyone else. She was absent from her classes for a whole week. When she did decide to come back, her eyes were red and splotchy, and the spark in her gaze had disappeared. She was no longer the Fiona they all knew.

Fiona was hurt by Mandy's departure. In fact, she sat through the Chinese Higher Education Entrance Examination and messed it all up. She barely made it into University A. If she were under better circumstances, getting into University A would not have been a problem.

Fortunately, she actually got into the school of her dreams!

Ethon stayed by her side all those years. He didn't confess his love for her yet because of Tina. Due to their tight friendship, he knew that Fiona wouldn't accept his love. In her eyes, friendship was far more important than anything else.

Luckily, Tina picked a different major, granting him more opportunities to spend time with Fiona.

"Thanks for helping me wheel my bike in. You can go now." Fiona smiled once they arrived. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail, emphasizing her angelic face. The coffee shop she worked for was located near the University Town. During the summer, the coffee shop was always busy, and her job was incredibly laborious. She needed to work until ten o'clock in the evening every day.

"I'm actually free today. Trea

mething else when her boss's harsh words echoed around the cafe.

"Fiona, what's wrong with you? How could you break a cup of coffee? Haven't you eaten enough? You're so irresponsible! You're done for the day. You're fined three hours' wage," the shop manager snapped, glowering at Fiona's trembling figure.

"Manager, I..." She lowered her head. She only earned sixteen dollars every hour, but the manager was about to deduct forty-eight dollars from her daily income. The manager was an ass!

"You know that a cup of coffee costs no more than thirty bucks, and now you want to fine my sister forty-eight? Do you really think she's that meek?" Mandy demanded, standing up. Luckily, Fiona's leg wasn't burnt.

"I'm the manager, so I get to do what I want. This is none of your business," the manager said adamantly, glaring at Mandy.

"Well, luckily, my sister won't be working here anymore. Pay her salary. We're done here." Mandy's eyes darkened with anger as she clenched her fists. She wasn't going to let anybody bully her sister that way.

"Hell no, lady! Your sister already signed a contract with me before she started working here. If she quits her job in less than two months, she won't be getting her wages!" the manager argued, unaware that he was in for a hell of a day.

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