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   Chapter 466 Fulfilling The Duty Of A Wife

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After breakfast, Colin drove to YC Group.

Mandy stayed at home and guided Lisa while she was playing the piano. The little girl kept her head straight as her short fingers struggled to span across the next octave. However, she had inherited both her parents' musical talent, so her piano skills were much more advanced than any other child.

"Sandra, take good care of Lisa for me. I won't have lunch here, so call me if you need anything," she instructed the servant. She quickly changed into a dress bought by Colin. Ever since they got married, he always showered her with expensive outfits. One of the many clothes he bought was a tracksuit very similar to what Lisa was wearing. Lisa always begged her to wear clothes that matched with hers, so she had gotten used to it.

"Bye, Mommy!" Seeing that her mother was wearing the same tracksuit she was wearing, Lisa waved at her happily.

The corners of her lips inched up as she kissed her on the cheek. "Baby, what would you like to eat? Mommy can buy it for you."

Lisa shrugged after seconds of silence. "I don't want to eat anything. I was thinking if you can take me to the zoo on Sunday," she proposed instead.

"Okay, play the piano while I'm gone," Mandy agreed without hesitation. The little girl reminded her so much of Seven and what she thought he would look like.

She had always wished that her son had survived.

Mandy got in the black Ferrari, a car that she had bought on her own. Although Colin loved her a lot, Mandy didn't want to take advantage of him.

In front of other people, they acted as if they were a real couple. Given that Colin was the CEO of the YC Group, being married would save him lots of trouble from women. As for Mandy, she needed him to ac

r hand dismissively. Mandy picked up the kettle on her desk and poured herself a glass of water. She didn't even bother to offer him one as well.

'She's incredibly ruthless. I've already donated millions of dollars into her foundation, and she wouldn't even get me a glass, ' he thought, shaking his head. However, Nathan didn't bother to point that out.

Mandy stared at him. "Well? Are you here to donate money, or are you just here to waste my time?" she said coldly.

"A hundred million dollars as long as you talk with me for ten minutes." Nathan brought out a check. It was indeed a hundred million dollars!

Mandy pushed the check back to him. "Mr. Jin, this is a charity foundation, not a dating app. But then again, I can understand why you're so generous with these. After all, you might be used to paying off incredibly good-looking women from more pleasurable venues."

Nathan laughed. "Are you jealous?"

Mandy snorted, crossing her legs. "If you're not here for business, then I suggest you leave."

"Honey, but I still haven't submitted the divorce agreement. Shouldn't you come back home and stop all these charades?" His eyes glinted.

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