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   Chapter 465 The News Report

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Three years had already passed. Logically speaking, people should've forgotten her by now. She wasn't a star, so why was she now under the glaring spotlight overnight?

'Maybe... was it Nathan?'

Thinking about it, Mandy believed that it was Nathan who had set her up. Her hands curled into fists. 'What a scheming man! Do you think that will work? I will never come back to you!' she thought.

Lisa was sitting quietly beside her. She behaved really well and didn't really talk as much. She wasn't as energetic and vigorous as the other kids. Usually, she spent her day playing the piano when she wasn't talking to her parents.

"Mom, is something wrong?" She frowned, noticing the creases appearing on Mandy's forehead.

"It's nothing, Lisa. Tell me, how's your progress?" Mandy looked up, removing the sullenness from her face. When she stared at Lisa, her smile was filled with love and affection.

"I learnt three pieces yesterday!" Lisa stretched her hand, revealing the number '3' using her fingers.

Mandy laughed. She was about to say something else when Colin walked out of the kitchen, holding the bowl of wontons. "Your breakfast is ready," he called out.

"Thank you, Dad!" Lisa clapped her hands together.

"Enjoy, dear."

Colin sat down. When he saw the absence of newspapers on the table, he furrowed his eyebrows. "Where's the newspaper? Did Sandra forget to bring it in?"

"I threw it away." Mandy sniffed in disgust at the thought of those wretched papers. "Don't even bother reading them. They're just filled with a bunch of fake news!"

"What's in the newspaper? Why are you so angry?" Colin had gotten up early to prepare the m

theart. Be a good girl, and play the piano, okay?" Colin looked away, trying his best to suppress his anger.

"Okay." Lisa was very good at gauging people's emotions. She understood when she had to stop pressing for more details. When her biological parents died, she was too young to understand anything, so she always treated Colin and Mandy as if they were her biological parents.

"Lisa, come here. I have something to tell you," Mandy called, smiling.

Lisa hesitantly walked over to her.

She ruffled her hair in adoration, feeling the guilt stem from her heart.

"Everything on TV isn't totally true, okay? You're still young, so don't watch too much of that," Mandy said sincerely. Although Lisa wasn't her biological child, she was as good as that.

Lisa nodded, not really able to fully comprehend what her mother meant. "I got it, Mom." She smiled.

"Good girl, stay at home and practice piano while I'll buy you new clothes. Is that okay with you?"

"Yay, Mom! You're the best." Her enthusiasm only increased Mandy's desire to protect her from the evilness of the world around them.

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