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   Chapter 463 Eve Never Slept With Nathan

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Lillian stood on the staircase and stared at the two who were chatting in the living room. She couldn't help but recall how, when Mandy was still living there, she was the one who usually helped Nathan out of his coat. Time had done him justice. He was much more sophisticated now, but his eyes were still dull.

"It's late. Why don't you go home?" Nathan's voice was void of emotion.

A sense of loss appeared in her gaze.

Nathan was now urging her to go home! Eve couldn't help but feel disgruntled by it all. It's not until half a year after Mandy's disappearance that she had gathered the courage to visit him. During that period, he'd also been incredibly busy. He'd travel to and from Switzerland. Two years later, he returned with a two-year-old kid. Nathan didn't really tell anyone of the kid's origins, so they just assumed he had adopted him.

However, there was one question that perplexed her to no end. She knew that Mandy had been pregnant a year before her disappearance and that the baby had died once she gave birth to it. In the past, Eve never really thought that Nathan would like to have children. It wasn't until she saw the father-and-son duo that she realized that such a cold man could be so gentle and sweet.

Nathan was a great father.

"You should get some rest too, okay? Don't work all day," she reminded, disappointed that he didn't invite her to stay.

"Be careful, okay? Thank you," Nathan said politely. However, there was a sense of indifference in his gaze.

Eve knew that Nathan was doing everything he could to shut her feelings out, but she was an optimist. She visited

hat woman very much, Adrian?" Nathan held his son's hand cautiously.

"Well, I still don't like her. I like godmother better!" he replied after hesitating.

"Come now, my little boy, it's time to sleep. If you'll sleep late, you'll not grow taller, and then girls won't like you in the future," he teased, ruffling Adrian's hair.

"So what? You know how cool and handsome I am?" Adrian crossed his arms.

"A handsome face won't get you anywhere, Son." Nathan laughed. "A man must always be able to carry a considerable weight upon his shoulders. You have to be able to handle your responsibilities well."

"But I'm a boy now, not a man! As long as I'm cute, people will give me anything I want," Adrian cheered.

Nathan sighed, gripping his hold on the kid even tighter. He couldn't help but feel guilty that he wasn't able to give Adrian a mother figure. Daisy had already asked him to remarry again. Even Mandy's parents insisted that he give dating another try. "You've already done what you can," they had insisted. But he just couldn't get Mandy out of his mind.

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