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   Chapter 459 Mandy Came Back

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Mandy went to the middle of the stage, but she said nothing. She merely looked at the audience and bowed. And gracefully, she walked toward the piano.

The first piece she played was "Cannon," which the audience was familiar with. The melodious prelude began, giving the audience an experience that was akin to being in heaven. The audience, who had been agitated, quieted down on hearing it. Through her nimble fingers, beautiful notes kept flowing out. These notes were like mermaids who were swimming merrily in the sea. Each note directly touched the hearts of the audience and made waves of ripples in each one's heart.

In the VIP seats of the first row, there was a handsome man in a black suit. He pursed his lips slightly, and his angular features made him look like a prince who came straight out of a fairy tale. As soon as the first note made its way to his ears, his black eyes darkened, and his face became gloomy. He seemed to be surrounded by thick smoke, making others unable to see through his real thoughts.

Gradually, each and every person present became immersed in her beautiful music. When Mandy finished playing the first piece of music, the audience hadn't yet come back to their senses. Without waiting for their approval, Mandy began to play the second piece. When compared to the first melody, which was tender, the second one had a much more pleasant and lively vibe. It was a famous song called "Flight of the Bumble Bee." The melody of this piece of music was flawless, and every note sounded perfect. Mandy's slender fingers moved on the black-and-white keyboard, and her body slightly shook with the rhythm. The cheerful rhythm seemed to bring the audience into a flower field in an instant, and a group of bees was dancing happily in the flower field.

There were many people in the audience who were shaking their bodies along with the music. Whatever Mandy played, she had the ability to immerse her audience into it. But there was one person who couldn't enjoy the music; instead, his focus was on Mandy. Nathan just couldn't move his gaze away from Mandy.

The third piece was the "Blue Danube." The lights in the hall instantly darkened, leaving only a dim blue light on the stage. The gentle and soothing melody started off slowly. All of a sudden, the screen on the stage showed a picture of the Danube River. The blue river an

her shoes so that she would be more relaxed and comfortable at the charity banquet later.

After she got changed, Mandy stood up and walked around the room. Then Colin also spoke highly of her, "Honey, you have maintained your charm. And on top of that, you look so beautiful."

"Humph! What do you mean 'maintained my charm'? I am not getting old!" Mandy grabbed his arm shyly and stood close to him.

Colin took Mandy's hand and walked out of the concert hall. They saw a black lengthened Lincoln limousine waiting at the back door. Colin opened the door for Mandy and helped her in.

It was almost nine o'clock. Nathan hugged Adrian in his arms, and the little boy fell asleep with his head on Nathan's shoulder. Eve stood beside him and asked him with a smile, "Are we still going to the charity banquet, Nathan?"

"No, I won't go. Adrian is a little tired. You can take him back to the villa first. I just remembered I have something important to do at the company," Nathan said seriously.

Eve didn't think too much about it. She firmly believed that her relationship with him was going well. There was no room for doubt, so she went back to the villa with Adrian.

Nathan drove a black Bugatti and hurried to the business reception. JS International was also on the invitation list for this charity reception. When compared to JS International's scale, YC Group was not worth mentioning. But since the YC Group was a company that was capable of developing even during the economic recession of City A, Nathan felt that this company should not be underestimated.

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