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   Chapter 454 You May Not Be Happy Outside

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"Okay," Nathan said expressionlessly.

Nathan walked inside with his arm wrapped around Mandy's waist. He felt a chill enter his body as soon as they entered the asylum. The temperature outside was a stark contrast to the temperature inside. It was June, a sunny day outside, but quite dark here. A rotten stench entered their noses, and Mandy couldn't help but frown. After looking around, she finally saw a woman in a blue hospital gown squatting down in a corner. Her long chestnut hair had already been cut unevenly, giving her a wild look. There was something barbaric about her.

"Jennifer Liu." Mandy sneered at her. Even saying her name brought a sour taste to Mandy's mouth.

After all, she was the murderer who had killed Mandy's dear child.

Jennifer didn't respond to her call. She sat on the cold, wet floor, humming a sad tune.

Mandy wanted to let out a laugh. She couldn't imagine how such a wretched woman had the ability to be sad.

Realizing this woman wouldn't respond, Mandy squinted her eyes and called, "Sharon, I am here to see you."

Suddenly, she managed to provoke a reaction out of Jennifer. She stopped humming and slowly raised her head. Her star-like eyes had lost their luster. She slowly stood up from the floor with a silly smile and walked towards the security door.

In spite of her anger, Mandy spoke using a gentle tone. The woman in front of her, though not Sharon, looked exactly like Sharon. Even though she hated her, the memories she had with Sharon made it hard for her.

Jennifer was now standing face to face with Mandy. A look of fury entered her face. But soon, she hid it and feigned sadness. Looking desperate, she said, "Mand, help me! They locked me inside. Please let me out, okay?"

Jennifer's words were quite convincing. But when she saw the man next to Mandy, there was an instinctive flash of fear in her eyes. She trembled and said, "Mand, Nathan wanted to kill me. He... He tied me to the cross and trapped me in a room where water would flood in. I... I nearly drowned there."

Mandy looked confused and glanced at Nathan. Such thoughts had entered Mandy's mind too. But she couldn't belie

I really feel pity for you, Jennifer Liu. You can stay here and wait for your death."

"Wait a minute, Mandy Zhou. I know you hate me, but I have to say that you are nothing in Nathan's heart. If he loved you, he wouldn't have fallen prey to my bait. He fell for it easily! I may not get out of here, but your life won't be any better outside. In fact, yours will be more painful than mine. At least I don't have a cheating husband!"

After uttering those words, she let out a vicious smile. Throughout this, Mandy withheld her emotions. She maintained an indifferent face, pretending to not hear what she said. She opened the black iron gate and saw Nathan standing in front of the door.

"Mand." Seeing that Mandy had finally come out, the fierce expression on his face relaxed a little. He reached out his hand and grasped her fingers, which were a little cold.

Frowning, he continued, "Why are your hands so cold?"

"Cause it was cold inside. On top of that, my heart is cold," Mandy said stubbornly, not looking at Nathan.

"Mand, I want to explain something to you. About the things that happened between me and Sharon." Nathan quickly caught up with her and grabbed her slender arm.

"I don't want to hear anything. Don't mention that name again in front of me," Mandy said coldly, but her heart ached a lot. After all, her Sharon hadn't done anything to her. This new woman, Jennifer, had tainted Sharon's name and face.

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