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   Chapter 449 An Accidental Miscarriage

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'I'm sorry, my dear. Mommy will see you in the next life!' Mandy mumbled before her eyes closed.

This was a terrible memory that would remain etched in Mandy's mind forever. She would always remember how brutally she fell into the water. She could never forget the ice-cold water that consumed her.

Sharon looked around the Moonlight Bay Park and realized no one had seen her. Then she ran away from there.

Looking at the tablet computer in his hand, Colin finally arrived at the Moonlight Bay Park. Quickly, he got out of the car and screamed Mandy's name.

On the GPS, Colin saw Mandy was still here. He looked around the quiet lake but failed to find her. A surge of fear overtook him. This was exactly how he had felt when Ivy jumped off the building. Not wanting to take any chances, he took off his coat and jumped into the ice-cold water.

After swimming through the water for a while, Colin finally caught sight of Mandy's floating body. He dragged her out of the river. Immediately, he got his hands on the phone and called 911.

"Mand, you can't die. Wake up, please!" Colin screamed. He couldn't wait like this. Instead, he unbuttoned Mandy's clothes and gave her artificial respiration. His eyes were grave, and he looked extremely sad. After all, Mandy was his life. And if something happened to her, he didn't want to live.

In spite of his attempts, he received no response from Mandy. She was lying limply on the ground, pale and cold. Seeing this, Colin was frightened and bent down to listen for Mandy's heartbeat. It took about five seconds for him to realize that Mandy's heartbeat had stopped!

Colin trembled. He had never felt so helpless before. His deep eyes became cold. He put his hands on Mandy's chest and gave her a cardiac massage.

It felt like half a century had passed. Colin's hands had become numb, yet he continued in his pursuit of reviving her.

Finally, Mandy began to spit out all the water and let out a choked cry. She woke up in a daze and threw herself into Colin's arms. Seeing the nervou

The door of the operating room closed slowly.

"Nathan Jin, you bastard!" Colin immediately grabbed Nathan by the collar and punched him in his face.

Nathan was caught off-guard. Already his life was falling apart, and now Colin had dared to rattle him. He punched him back and asked, "Why is Mand with you? Where did you take her?"

"Ha-ha..." A malicious and cold smile appeared on Colin's thin lips, which chilled people to the bone. He said, "I can't believe you are turning the tables and trying to blame me! You are an awful husband who can't even take care of his wife. If it wasn't for me, your wife would still be in the water! I saved her from Moonlight Bay Park. If I had arrived a second late, she would have been gone, you scumbag!"

The look on Nathan's face was gloomy and cold. He frowned and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"She knows what happened between you and Sharon."

The quarrel suddenly stopped, and the corridor was overcome by a deadly silence.

In the operating room, Mandy was lying lifelessly. The anesthesia had made her body numb. Right now, she felt no pain. But a single tear drop slid down from the corner of her eye.

Without even asking anyone, she knew the doctor had taken the baby out of her belly. It felt so hollow. The second the umbilical cord was cut, she knew, she was separated from her dear child.

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