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   Chapter 448 Mandy Was Pushed Into The Lake

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Mandy went downstairs, slipped into her room, and closed the door tightly.

She picked up her phone, which was on the bedside table. Looking at the phone, she wondered whom to call. After she browsed the contact list, her eyes finally settled on Colin's name.

At this moment, Mandy suddenly thought of the story Colin had narrated on their way back to City A. The hero and heroine of the story were none other than her and Nathan.

She felt stupid for not having discovered it sooner.

Mandy was about to burst into tears, but she controlled herself. With her quivering fingers, she clicked on his name.

When Colin's phone screen lit up, he was surprised to see Mandy's name. She rarely called him. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, he put his work aside and took the phone.

Just when he was about to greet her happily, he heard she was sobbing. Panicked, he walked out of his office immediately.

"Mand, why are you crying? Where are you?"

"The story you told me the other day was about me and Nathan, right?" Mandy asked stiffly. Her eyes had become red and swollen.

"Mand, I don't know what you're talking about. Tell me where you are, and I will come to you." Her sobs were panicking him. He immediately walked into one of the control rooms. It had the most advanced tracking system in the world, so he could find out where Mandy was.

"Do you insist on lying to me even now?" Mandy roared at him.

"Mand, can you tell me where you are? Can we meet and have a face-to-face conversation?" Holding his phone, he quickly typed Mandy's phone number on the keyboard of the tracking system. When he tracked her location, he found that she was still at home. He was still worried about her, so he connected the system on the tablet and rushed out of the procuratorate nervously.

Believing that Colin wasn't taking her words seriously, she hung up the phone. She was convinced that everyone around her was cheating on her! She wiped off her tears and dialed Sharon's number.

She stopped crying and said calmly, "Sharon, I have something urgent to deal with. I want to see you in Moonlight Bay Park twenty minutes from now, okay?"

"Okay," said Sharon, curling her lips.

After hanging up the phone, Ma

you?" With her eyes full of anger, Sharon gripped Mandy's wrist more tightly. Mandy felt great pain because of her grip.

Mandy's body suddenly became weak, and her feet gave way beneath her. A thin layer of cold sweat formed on her back.

Sharon had never been slapped like this. Even though she was born out of wedlock, she had never suffered such a humiliation. With anger on her face, she gritted her teeth and said to Mandy, "Mandy, I considered you my best friend, yet you married the love of my life. Do you think you can replace me? Don't be so naive. Just close your eyes and die!"

She tugged Mandy's hand and pushed her into the lake. The cold lake water poured onto Mandy's body, and she struggled to get out. Even though she could swim, she wasn't able to do that now. All the strength had been drained out of her body.

Mandy's face turned red because she had been holding her breath for a long time. A mouthful of lake water suddenly entered into her windpipe, making her choke. She began to flap her hands and feet crazily. The water temperature in April was very cold. She struggled painfully in the lake and called for help but got no reply in return. After all, she was surrounded by the frightful and icy water.

After struggling for a while, Mandy gave up. It became clear to her that her struggles would be in vain. She let her body slowly sink to the bottom of the lake. Her cold hands wrapped around her belly. Even now, she was thinking about the baby.

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