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   Chapter 447 She Knew Everything

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Once Nathan returned to the villa, he went up to the second floor with a tight grip on his suitcase. Mandy greeted him with a hug and a gentle smile.

He let his hand slide across her back and pulled her onto the sofa. Nathan smiled as he adjusted her lithe body onto his lap.

Their faces were already centimeters apart, and his breath was grazing her cheeks. He could observe the flawlessness of her face and the curves of her eyelashes. Being this close to him, Mandy felt as if she had reverted back to a teen again with her heart beating like crazy. He placed a hand on her waist and kissed her gently on the lips.

Mandy wrapped herself around his body. The morning sunlight streamed in through the window. Nathan had to turn around to block the glaring light from his wife.

After a few minutes, he slowly pushed her away and unzipped his suitcase. Nathan pulled out different boxes of well-packed handmade chocolates. He knew that Mandy absolutely loved sweets, so he bought them all the way from Britain.

"Don't eat too much, okay? Just one per day," Nathan warned.

Mandy nodded, chuckling. Without another word, he grabbed a contract from his bag and headed to his study.

She slowly unpacked his suitcase, taking out his clothes one by one. Mandy always did this, wanting to make sure that he didn't have any important documents hidden in his pockets.

As Mandy picked up another pair of pajamas, her eyes narrowed at the sight of a single strand of chestnut hair resting on top of the shirt.

She pulled the long hair out. Judging from its length and texture, she was sure that the hair belonged to a woman. Her eyebrows furrowed. 'Was Nathan having an affair?' she thought.

Mandy chewed her bottom lip as her hands trembled at the thought of Nathan seeing another woman. Half of her wanted to take the pajamas right to his study and demand an explanation, but she stopped herself.

Maybe she was being too impulsive. However, as

ents anxiously.

On July 5

The world is incredibly small, and I met my junior schoolmate. Her name is Sharon. It is a beautiful name.

On November 21

I returned to City A to visit her. She was playing the violin when I saw her, and she is beautiful.

On December 25

I'm in love. I'll wait for your graduation, Sharon.

On February 2

The college entrance examinations are coming soon. I am going to return to City A tomorrow. Honey, I hope to see you again.

Mandy narrowed her eyes at the date on the next page. It was the day of their car accident! After that, he didn't write anymore.

Tears rolled down Mandy's face as she pulled another drawer out. There were still so many things in the drawer. Her eyes quickly narrowed at another notebook. She furrowed her eyebrows and pulled it out, browsing the contents. Her bottom lip trembled as everything suddenly pieced together.

Mandy turned to the violin, standing in the crystal cabinet. She picked up the ax from the floor and smashed the glass that blocked her from the violin.

From what she remembered, Sharon's violin had the word 'Star' carved at the bottom of the violin. She reached out through the broken shards and picked up the violin, looking at the bottom. Just as Mandy had expected, the word 'Star' came to view.

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