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   Chapter 426 I Am Responsible For Staying Beautiful

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"Well, what's wrong?" Damian asked coldly, with his fingers drumming over the pages.

"Can't I call and ask you how it's been?" Jennifer pouted. If Damian were to see her now, he could imagine that her eyes were wide with disappointment. She was like a kid who needed to be coddled every once in a while.

"I'm a little tired today," Damian admitted. He stretched out his fingers and pressed them against his temples. After attending Mandy and Nathan's wedding, it felt as if he himself had just experienced a truck collision.

"You always feel tired every day, but you're never too tired to chat Mandy up, huh?" she snapped, her voice dripping with obvious jealousy.

"Jennifer, stop," he said in a low and charming voice.

Once Jennifer heard him call her name, she finally calmed down. She chuckled, and her eyes glistened at the response. "You haven't called me by my name for a very long time."

"When our plan succeeds, then I'll take you out of there, okay?" he promised. Damian didn't know whether his plan would come to life or not, but it was good to hope at least.

Jennifer, however, took his words to heart. "I'll do my best. Get some rest, Damian. I only called to say good night to you anyway," she said softly.

He closed his weary eyes. "Good night, Jennifer."

The next day, City A was blessed with good weather. The sunshine streamed over the French Windows. As it passed through the thick curtains, light scattered across the carpet.

Mandy turned over on her bed lazily, with her hands trailing across the man next to her. As she rubbed his firm muscles, she couldn't help but chuckle.

Nathan opened his eyes and pulled Mandy towards him. They leaned their heads onto each other, and

ce none of the contestants were able to play the touching music, the final competition was postponed for five months. The judges wanted to make sure they were screening their contestants well.

It was the first time that such prestigious piano competition would be postponed. She stared at the post for a long time before going to the comments section.

There were already fifty thousand comments under the post. As she scrolled down, she saw one person who commented, "Where's Mandy, the previous winner of the Golden Award?"

She felt as if she wanted to cry. Mandy rubbed her eyes and continued to read the comments. She wasn't expecting that so many people would bring up her name.

How could it be? A lot of people actually remembered her?

Mandy won the prize when she was just in grade two of her senior year. She became the youngest winner of the Golden Award of 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' The previous winners were way older than her, and they were now judges of the very same competition.

"Lillian," she cried out excitedly, standing up.

"Yes, madam. What's wrong?" Lillian rushed out of the kitchen with an apron still on.

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