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   Chapter 415 Nathan Began To Suspect

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"I'm happy that you love him, but remember that your parents love you." There was a certain sadness wrapped in Madeline's words. She had never expected that it would feel this way to separate from her daughter.

She had been raising her for so many years. Now, she already had her own little family to take care of. Madeline was proud of her.

They went to the furniture market had in hand. Once they were in, Madeline had chosen the most expensive furniture for her daughter. She was about to choose a bed that was worth more than thirty thousand dollars when Mandy stopped her.

"Mom, we have all kinds of furniture in the villa. Besides, the bed in the master bedroom is definitely better than this."

"Then we can buy one for the baby, huh?" Madeline suggested, shrugging. It was reasonable that they didn't need to buy more furniture for the two of them since they already had enough of it.

Mandy beamed. "You know me so well, Mom."

When they went to the baby section, they saw a variety of cribs and nets. Mandy's eyes brightened at the sight of them.

"Mom! Look, this is so adorable," she exclaimed as she bent over a small blue bed. The cushions were just right, and just the thought of her future son sitting and lying on it was almost enough to bring her to tears.

Seeing her so ecstatic, Madeline called one of the assistants for the bill.

It had been a half-hour in, and Mandy had completely immersed herself in the baby section, pressing over different types of products when her phone rang. It was Colin.

She picked up the phone, placing the milk bottle she was holding back onto the shelf.

"Colin," she greeted slowly.

"I found out that Sharon's parents are in a small town near City C."

Mandy almost jumped up in the air. "Really?"

"It's true. I checked."

"Colin, are you free in the next few days? Can you go to City C with me?" she asked, hesitating at first as her hands balled into fists. Sud

e greeted warmly.

"Fred, can you help me check if Jennifer has been sent to the company by Damian? Do they know each other?" Nathan was cautious about it, afraid that this might just be a trap.

"Yes, sir," he responded.

Fred took out an iPad and logged into his secret system. There wasn't much information on Jennifer, as he didn't find any activity she'd been caught in for the last four years. However, he did notice that she canceled her phone number previously before entering JS International.

"Mr. Jin, Jennifer Liu cancelled a phone number a few days ago."

"I want to know if that has anything to do with Damian," Nathan commanded.

As Fred skimmed over the tablet, he looked up. "The phone number she canceled holds contact records of Damian."

Nathan's face darkened. "Check what kind of relationship they have."

"Yes, sir!" Fred nodded reverently.

In the afternoon, the sky turned a little cloudy as if it was going to rain.

Nathan found himself looking at wedding dresses designed from one of the top-notched designers. A dress caught his eye. It was an off-shoulder dress, with the hemline very similar to a fishtail. It would wrap around Mandy's form perfectly. She'd be stunning in that dress. A smile tugged its way onto his lips as he thought about it.

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