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   Chapter 414 Let's Get Married With Them

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"It is not a transfer but a present. I'll get married next Friday. Welcome to our wedding ceremony then." Nathan, who was always serious in the meeting room, smiled today.

Then there was an awkward silence again.

However, within five seconds, the board members began to congratulate Nathan.

"Congratulations, Mr. Jin!"

"Wishing Mr. Jin will be blessed with a child as soon as possible."

"Miss Zhou is so lucky to marry Mr. Jin. She must have accumulated a lot of good deeds in her previous life."

These two old men were quite adept at flattering. And Nathan was elated, listening to their flatteries.

"Thank you. Is there anything else? If you don't have anything else to say, the meeting is over now." There was a faint smile on his handsome face like the warm sunshine in winter penetrating his heart.

After the meeting, Nathan went straight to the investment center.

All the employees in the office lowered their heads and focused their eyes on their computer screens. The A-share price, which had risen in the last term, didn't look good today. There was half an hour left before the share price was about to be fixed at its closing price.

From afar, Nathan saw Jennifer sitting at a table near the window, leisurely taking a sip from her coffee cup every now and then.

With a straight face, he strode towards Jennifer. To his surprise, she was calm and composed. Only half an hour remained for the share price to close. Everyone else in the department looked afraid while their eyes were glued to their computer screens. As time ticked by, their eyes grew wider and wider. They were afraid that something unexpected would happen. They all looked very nervous. Most of them were experts in the stock market; however, nobody remained calm like Jennifer.

"Nat... Mr. Jin." Jennifer, who cared a great deal about her appearance, had a mirror on the table. In that mirror, she suddenly saw Nathan's reflection. She was so frightened that she didn't dare to turn her head.

Her hand that had confidently held the coffee began to tremble slightly. At once, Jennifer put down the coffee cup unsteadily. Then she stood up and greeted him respectfully, "How do you do, Mr. Jin?"

"Have you decided what stocks you will buy later?" The indifference on Nathan's face made it hard to figure ou

lovely. And his grandparents are the same too. You are going to like them!"

Madeline looked confused, listening to her daughter's words. "How do you know? Have you met them before?" she asked, glancing at Mandy.

"Yes, his family is very easy to get along with, especially his mother. I like her very much," Mandy said, smiling innocently, thinking that she really picked up a treasure.

"Silly girl, you can't know someone's true nature by meeting them once or twice. Even if they treat you well now, they may not treat you well in the future. Be more careful, okay?"

"People's hearts are not that complicated," Mandy mumbled, unable to believe her mother's words could be true.

Madeline narrowed her eyes and said with a dejected look, "But that's the harsh truth about life. Only a few people are capable of treating you well forever. But we, your parents, will always love you. However, the same can't be said about an outsider. They can change their behavior at any time!"

"Mom, I haven't seen anyone like Nathan before. And deep down, I believe he is a good person who will continue to love me the same way. When I first met him, I was a little scared. He was cold and arrogant, and sometimes his temper was uncertain. Back then, it was hard to be around him. I thought I would never fall for such a person. But later, when I got along with him, I lost all my fear. The more I know him, the more I am loving his company," Mandy said, and a bright smile flickered across her face. Just thinking about him lifted her mood.

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