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   Chapter 413 Mr. Jin Is Going To Get Married

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"Colin, I need a favor. Can you help me check someone's whereabouts?" Mandy asked curiously.

This was the sole purpose of Mandy's visit. She knew that Colin could help her find out about Sharon.

"Who is it?" Colin asked intently. "Sharon's parents.

I want to know where they are." Mandy had an unshakable premonition that Sharon's parents were still in City A.

Although Nathan had told her that Sharon's parents were abroad, Mandy couldn't believe it. It seemed like an impossible possibility as Sharon's parents could not afford the money to leave the country.

Moreover, Sharon was buried in City A, and her parents wouldn't want to leave the place where they had buried their daughter.

Mandy had been racking her brain for several days to find answers to the questions that were buzzing in her head. Now, she was sure that Sharon's parents were still in City A, and they would never think about leaving the city, let alone the country.

Mandy felt that Colin was the right person to help her. He was a public prosecutor who could check everyone's whereabouts through the internal system of the supervisory office.

"Why do you want me to find out about them, Mand?" Colin asked as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"Well, I saw Sharon in the shopping mall the other day. I want to know if she is still alive." Mandy closed her eyes and explained as her mind wandered to the time she saw Sharon in the elevator, like the way it did over the past couple of days. She couldn't shake the image from her mind.

"Why didn't you accost her at that time?" Colin believed Mandy with all his heart.

"I had taken the escalator to go up, while she had taken the escalator on the other side to descend. By the time I got down to look for her, she had already disappeared.''

"I know what you mean, Mand. Don't worry. I'll check it for you!" Colin nodded earnestly.

"When will you get back to me?" Mandy asked worriedly. She couldn't wait anymore.

"Well, I'll start checking this afternoon, and I'll call you as soon as I find any information." He smiled reassuringly.

"Thank you, Colin!" Mandy smiled gratefully as a lonely tear escaped from her eyes.


the most happening locations of City A in a couple of years.

"Any questions?" Nathan asked, snapping them from their thoughts. They all seemed to love the idea and had no queries or objections.

"What's... What's the name of the shopping center, Mr. Jin? Have you thought about it?" Mr. Chen asked in a trembling voice.

"MANDY," Nathan declared proudly as he glanced at the board members.

"MANDY? Err ... I'm sorry, I don't see the name having any connection with JS International," Mr. Chen asked, scratching his head in confusion.

"It does have an unbreakable connection with JS International. MANDY is my wife's name. She is the legal agent of MANDY from now!" Nathan stated fiercely as he stared at director Chen, making him quiver by the intensity of his gaze.

The room suddenly fell quiet. The board members were surprised by Nathan's decision.

He had explicitly stated that Mandy was his wife. Moreover, she was going to be the legal agent of their new project. Everyone at JS International was aware of Nathan's relationship with Mandy as he had once brought her to the office. But they didn't expect them to get married this early.

Nathan's love life had always been the talk of the media. But he never appeared in the news regarding his relationship after he got together with Mandy.

"Does Mr. Jin want to relinquish the possession of that piece of land to his wife?" director Chen asked as his eyes widened with shock.

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