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   Chapter 353 Nathan Saw Them Being Together

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Fiona and Ethon were a hot couple, who were perfect for each other. While many people cheered and supported their love, some opposed it as well. Ethon and Fiona's relationship had become a sensational topic at No. 1 High School.

"Mandy, when did you come here?" Fiona smiled innocently.

"Just now," Mandy replied and shifted her glance to Ethon.

Although Ethon resembled Colin, the two of them had contrasting personalities. Colin was an experienced, mature man. But Ethon was bursting with innocence and was a young boy in his teens.

"Well, Mandy, I have some work to do. So see you later," Fiona said with a smile.

"Okay," Mandy answered.

Once Ethon and Fiona were out of their sight, Mandy turned around to look at Bruce. "Hey, Bruce, who's that boy? What's his name?"

"He is Ethon. He is one of the most excellent students of our school." Bruce had always been fond of Ethon. Although Ethon was a kid, Bruce admired the maturity he had for his age. He was sure that Ethon would grow up to become a promising man in three years.

Mandy's brows knitted together as she couldn't shake Colin's image from her mind. He looked exactly like the younger version of Colin.

'Were they brothers? Why didn't Colin tell about having a brother?'

There couldn't be any other possibility for their uncanny resemblance. Mandy had gone to Colin's house several times when she was in high school to practice piano. But she had never seen his sibling. Mandy wondered if Ethon was an illegitimate child.

"I'm going to take a stroll around the campus. You carry on with your work." Mandy's brain was swimming with thoughts about the possible relationship between Ethon and Colin.

"Okay, see you later." Bruce smiled and watched Mandy's slender figure disappear.

Mandy walked along the road at No.1 High School. The sweet olive flowers had bloomed a little late this year. They would be in full bloom by the end of October.

Mandy was intoxicated by the sweet smell of the flowers.

rupted her without paying attention to her words.

Mandy reached out her hand to touch the flowers. But her hand rested on Colin's soft palm.

She immediately flinched her arm. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she grew nervous.

Nathan gritted his teeth at the sight of Mandy. He was at the staircase when his gaze fell on Mandy in Colin's arm.

Jealousy was bubbling up in the pit of Nathan's stomach. He was looking murderous as he fought hard to resist his urge to kill Colin. How dare he touch Mandy with his filthy hands?

But Nathan took a deep breath to calm down. He stood still on the spot, waiting to come back to his senses.

Nathan was not a man driven by his impulses. He was always rational, calm, and composed.

When he continued to stare at the two of them, he couldn't help but think that they had known each other for a long time. He then remembered that Mandy and Colin were both students of No. 1 High School. How did he forget it? They were schoolmates and were bound to know each other. Nathan realized that the son of Mandy's piano teacher–whom she had mentioned over and over again–was Colin.

The thought of it made Nathan angry. He had cut his ties with his old classmates to find Mandy. He wondered what trouble would the revival of Mandy's friendship with Colin bring in their lives.

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