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   Chapter 350 Why Did He Call Me Uncle

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The little boy's mother came immediately after she bought something. Her son was still with Mandy, talking with them. She walked briskly towards her son, relieved to have found him.

"Kimmy, haven't I told you? You can't just run around anywhere," the woman said to the boy angrily.

Mandy noticed that the boy's mother was very worried. She immediately put on a smile and tried to reassure her. "Madam, your son is so cute. He is not running around. He was just chatting with us."

"I'm so sorry for the trouble I caused you."

"It's okay," Mandy said politely.

"Kimmy, say goodbye to the auntie and uncle," the woman took Kimmy's hand and instructed him with a smile.

"Beautiful sister... and uncle, goodbye!" The boy didn't forget to call Nathan uncle when he was about to leave.

Nathan walked towards the counter with a strange look on his face. "Why did that little fellow call me uncle? I'm only a few years older than you."

Hearing that, Mandy could not help but chuckle. She thought that Nathan was being quite childish to actually notice something like this.

"Mr. Jin, you are so fussy. You're not that old, and already you're concerned about your age!" With a smile on her face, Mandy pinched him on the waist.

"If he calls you sister, he should call me brother. That is an equal match, isn't it?

"Hello, may I help you?" a staff member of the KFC restaurant asked eagerly.

"A Family Feast Bucket," Mandy said immediately without the slightest hesitation.

"Okay, please wait for a moment."

After he paid the bill, Nathan took Mandy's hand and found a seat for her. She looked at him with a smile, resting her chin on her hands.

"Nathan, don't you like kids?" Seeing Nathan's reaction just now, Mandy had a feeling of foreboding.

Mandy felt a little concerned. She hoped Nathan liked kids. If they were to have any in the future, she would want Nathan to get along with them and be a good father.

"I don't like other kids, but if it is our kids, that is a different story. I definitely like kids for us." Nathan stretched out his hand and smiled at Mandy.

It was the p

ood as usual. It was prepared upon Simon's request as he wanted to eat something different for a change.

Simon had been staring at the steak in front of him for half an hour. When the steak was heated, he thought his lips would drop as he salivated. The steak looked so appetizing, and he could hardly wait to chow down on it.

Lillian looked at Simon, who was struggling to eat, and she felt very funny. She smiled kindly and said, "Mr. Ye, if you want to eat, you can eat first. You don't have to wait for Mr. Jin and Miss Zhou. She has a meeting every Monday. They should be back any time now."

"No, it would not be proper to eat alone," Simon shook his head resolutely and refused.

Just then, Nathan and Mandy came back. Wearing a pair of black ankle boots, she held the bucket of KFC in her hands. It was quite cumbersome for her to remove the shoes and put the bucket down.

Nathan noticed that Mandy was having trouble getting her shoes off and not spilling the bucket all over the place. He helped her remove her shoes while holding the large and cumbersome bucket of chicken.

Mandy found it extremely flattering that a rich young man like Nathan would help her take off her shoes.

Mandy and Nathan approached the dining room, arm in arm, together. They were absolutely inseparable.

Once they put the bucket down, Mandy went to the bathroom to wash her hands. They would be eating soon.

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