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   Chapter 348 Two Bouquets Of Flowers

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Bruce decided to hide the fact that Christina was his first love. Nacy would ask more questions if he revealed it.

"Is that so? But it looked like you know her very well," Nacy said, crossing her arms and looking at him with suspicion.

"Of course, I know her well. After all, she was my classmate. You tell me, how are you feeling? You were surrounded by hundreds of enthusiastic fans!" Bruce smiled and changed the topic.

"Not bad. I'll be signing autographs for them. To tell the truth, I'm really tired!" Nacy said, evidently looking tired. After she became a star, signing autographs was a task she hated the most. Every time she signed autographs, she felt that her hand would bleed any second.

Without a word, Bruce led Nacy to the convenience store and bought a notepad and a pen. Then they went to the staff's resting room. Nacy began signing autographs for the teachers and students.

At the JR Hospital, the huge screen was showing a classy interior.

It was from the meeting room in Switzerland.

The doctors of the two hospitals were studying subjects using video conferencing.

The Dean of the hospital was seated at the center with four vice Deans seated on his left, and Mandy was seated on his right. The rest of the attendees were directors with rich experience and high ability in their work.

The medical expert in Switzerland had a high command over English and spoke without a break. Even though the Dean knew English well, he found it hard to catch up with the man.

The hospital Dean looked a bit embarrassed. Fortunately, Mandy was seated next to him.

"The Swiss expert told us that three heart surgeries should be performed at the same time. It's a very demanding task for the surgeons. They'll start the first heart surgery in Switzerland next week. They hope we could give them some good advice," Mandy interpreted fluently and accurately. All the attendees present were stunned into silence by her fluent English.

"Three heart surgeries will be carried out at the same time. Wha

g that the Dean must be overworking her, he decided to go into the hospital building to take a look.

Nathan strode to the corridor of the hospital, holding the big bouquet of white lilies. The smell of the disinfectant was mixing with the smell of the lilies, which was a little unpleasant.

Hating the smell of hospitals very much, Nathan went there only when it was necessary. He thought it was a smell that could suffocate people. He couldn't understand why Mandy liked to work in this damn place.

The meeting room was located on the top floor of the outpatient department. The door opened, and Nathan took an elevator. In less than five minutes, he arrived at the meeting room.

At that moment, the meeting had just come to an end. Hundreds of doctors walked out of the meeting room in an imposing manner. And Mandy walked in the middle of the crowd.

With delicate facial features and deep starry eyes, Nathan's presence attracted the attention of a lot of female doctors. They all glanced at this man, thinking how lucky Mandy was!

However, Mandy didn't see him. She had lowered her head and was busily looking at her phone. Just as she was about to send a message to Nathan on WeChat, telling him that she was coming out, she suddenly heard someone gasp behind her. She thought that something horrible had happened, so she looked up.

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