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   Chapter 347 Being Surrounded By Her Fans

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The girls' eyes lit up when they saw Nacy arriving. Without wasting a second, they rushed towards her, like a flock of birds. After all, Nacy was their senior schoolmate, and at present, there was no star as popular as her.

"Nacy, can I please get your autograph?"

"Goddess, can we take a picture?"

"Nacy, you are so beautiful..."

In an instant, a crowd of people gathered around Nacy and Bruce. More than 500 students surrounded them.

Bruce shook his head helplessly. It was during such situations that he realized how popular Nacy was. A countless number of students gathered around them, almost blocking their way. However, no one paid any attention to him. They only had eyes for Nacy.

Fiona was pushed to the periphery, which was far away from Nacy. Her eyes instantly caught sight of Bruce.

With her eyes lighting up and her face glowing with excitement, Fiona said in high spirits, "Mr. Xu, you're back?"

Bruce held Fiona's hand, walked through the crowd, and headed for the playground.

"Yes, I'm back."

"Oh, my God, that's great. Mr. Xu, I missed you so much." Fiona was so touched that she almost burst into tears.

"Silly girl, don't cry. How have you been these days?" Bruce asked with concern. There was always a touch of gentleness in him, which made the students like him.

"Yes, I'm fine. My classmates miss you very much. Mr. Xu, will you still be our head teacher?" Fiona took a few steps back. She thought it was improper for a man and a woman to hug each other on the playground. Although she hugged him due to excitement, she now realized it wasn't the right thing to do. After all, people were dying to get a subject to gossip about. And she didn't wish to be a part of it.

"Of course, otherwise why would I come back?" A bright smile flashed across Bruce's face like a brisk breeze in the autumn.

Perhaps it was because he was still so concerned about these children that he chose to come back. After they graduated from here, he

y. I won't leave. You go to class first, and I will continue signing."

"You are so kind!" they chanted in unison.

In an instant, the students dispersed and walked towards the multi-functional hall. Nacy felt relieved, and now she thought of Bruce. She looked around on the playground and finally saw him standing face to face with a strange woman.

Nacy walked towards Bruce, who had his back to her. But Christina noticed that Nacy was coming towards them.

She had paid attention to the entertainment news, so she knew very well who Nacy was. And this also explained why the students were so excited.

Two days ago, the entertainment news had just revealed that Nacy and Bruce lived together. And this had filled Christina with shock. From what she knew, Bruce was a guy who didn't like to be in the spotlight. He tried his best to stay away from gossip and things of that sort.

"Bruce, it's time for my class. See you next time," Christina said with a big smile.

"Okay, you should go to work now," he said with an indifferent look.

"Hey, who was that lady you were talking to?" Nacy patted Bruce on the shoulder from behind, which almost gave him a shock.

Although he frowned, he soon composed himself. He reached out his hand to hold Nacy's shoulder and said, "She was my classmate in college."

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