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   Chapter 344 Things In The World Changed Sharply

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"Nathan, you're a godsend." Simon was about to extend his arms and embrace the man in front of him, his grin similar to that of a Cheshire Cat.

Nathan dodged his touch and mockingly scrunched up his nose in disgust. "Don't touch me. I'm not interested in men," he teased.

Simon threw an equally mocking but sultry glance. He grabbed hold of his wrist. "Excuse me?" he said haughtily. "If my memory serves right, we have slept with each other."

As the two were teasing one another, Mandy came in, just in time for her to hear Simon's words.

"Who slept with who?" She raised her eyebrows.

Nathan flushed, stepping back from his friend like a man caught cheating on his wife. He waved his hands up in the air.

"I was talking about someone else, not Nathan," Simon said cheekily. Finally catching on to what seemed to be an awkward exchange, he reverted back to his usual ecstatic state, his sadness fading away in a second.

Simon quickly recovered, laughing.

"Well, even if you slept with Nathan, I'm sure it's fine. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures," she teased, snorting.

"Mr. Jin, Miss Zhou, Mr. Ye, have some ginger tea." Holding a tray, Lillian came out of the kitchen with a smile.

Mandy smiled brightly, taking her cup from the tray. She was grateful for Lillian being part of the household. She regarded them as her own children, and as such, they regarded her as their grandmother.

However, one of the details that slipped her mind that day was how much Nathan hated the smell or even the taste of raw ginger.

"Thank you, Lillian," Mandy replied, taking a sip from the soothing drink.

"Of course." Lillian bowed her head. "Dinner's ready."

Mandy picked up an

times, we just don't know who we'll lose." There was a touch of sadness in Nathan's voice. It took him so many years to get over the pain of losing Sharon, but he still couldn't help but keep her name close to his heart. There were just some things that people were meant to remember.

Mandy looked up at Nathan.

"Nathan, have you lost someone?" Mandy pretended to ask casually when, in reality, it looked as if bile was rising up in her throat. She waited, anticipating his answer.

Given that they never really touched the topic of what had happened in Nathan's past, she didn't really know the truth of him meeting her. She only ever wanted to know who was the girl who had captured his heart.

Nathan stiffened under her hold. "No."

He had listened to what Nacy had said very carefully. He shouldn't let Mandy know about Sharon.

Lying in Nathan's arms, Mandy raised her palm to caress the stubble around his chin. It was a nice contrast of roughness from his smooth face. She continued her ministrations, admiring the man before her.

Normally, he didn't like anyone touching his face. However, he had gotten used to Mandy's touch.

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