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   Chapter 339 Meet Colin

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"Did you see the fireworks last night?" Time had passed, and the board members were already growing restless. In an act to ease the tension, one of the managers brought the fireworks up. He was supposed to go to bed early, if not for his wife's insistence of watching the fireworks with him.

Once they saw Nathan's proclamation shoot up into the sky, his wife had been annoyed with him for not being romantic enough. At first, he had laughed it off, but after seeing the look on his wife's face, he knew he was in for a big lecture.

He had explained that fireworks were forbidden in urban areas, and how he'd compromise and set them off during the Spring Festival once they visited the more rural areas. However, that only seemed to have annoyed her even more. He had nothing else to say.

After all, he wasn't as powerful as Nathan.

"Yes, Mr. Jin prepared that for Miss Zhou," another manager replied, sighing wistfully.

All the employees in JS International knew of the fireworks display and knew to whom it was addressed. One way or another, they knew that Nathan was quite taken with Mandy.

"Mr. Jin has changed," Fred said, a small smile threading across his lips. After years of working with the man, he'd never seen this side of him.

"Where?" one of the managers asked, confused. He was the one who never had any romantic relations. In fact, all he was really aware of were the company's charts.

"Get a girlfriend first, then you'll understand," Fred snorted, turning a page of his notebook. It was difficult to explain it to a man who didn't know a thing about love.

The manager was taken aback by his suggestion, but he didn't dare question it further.

Other department members smiled silently, waiting

he sighed. "The professor has to be so strict," she said. "It's only been two months since the start of the semester, and now he's asking for the finished product."

After a quick shower, Mandy picked up the printed thesis and drove to University A.

There were only a few people lurking around the campus, given that it was a Sunday.

Mandy went to her mentor's office to hand in her thesis. A man in a black suit was sitting with his back facing her. She inhaled, the waft of old books hit her immediately.

"Professor Yu, I'm here to submit my thesis." Although the door was left unlocked, Mandy still knocked politely at the door.

Colin took a sip of the tea with a calm expression. He put down the teacup with his slender fingers. When he heard the voice, his slender fingers suddenly froze midair.

"Come in," said the professor with a friendly smile.

Colin turned excitedly from his seat. It had to be Mandy then!

The moment his seat turned, Mandy beamed in surprise. "Colin?"

Her mentor raised his eyebrows. "You two know each other?"

"Yes, he was my senior in high school." She smiled warmly. "It's nice to see you again."

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