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   Chapter 337 As Long As My Heart Beats

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Nathan shook his head, remembering that the chef of a five-star restaurant had once said that even idiots could cook Cola Chicken Wings.

"What are you laughing at? Would you care to share that joke with me?" Mandy noticed that Nathan was smiling, and hence, she was curious to find out what was so amusing.

"Nothing. After dinner, I am going to take you somewhere." Once he was done talking, he picked up a some vegetables with his chopsticks and put it into Mandy's bowl.

Normally, Mandy was very picky when it came to food. However, she loved everything that was cooked by Lillian. Hence, she ate everything without complaining.

"Okay." She felt warm in her heart, even though she didn't have the slightest idea as to where he would be taking her. After all, it was Nathan. He wouldn't take her anywhere that she wouldn't enjoy.

And her hunch turned out right! He took her on a luxury cruise ship at Old Bund.

It was a starry night, making their experience even more wonderful.

The breeze was blowing, whipping Mandy's hair. Wearing a blue and gray wool shawl, she jumped happily on the deck.

She had never thought that Nathan would take her to the Old Bund. It was a famous place of interest in City A since the night scene was charming. It was also known as a bar street, and many young men and women loved to come here.

Nathan had booked a luxury cruise ship, hoping to allow Mandy to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river.

The colorful lights on the bank lit up, bringing bewilderment to Mandy's eyes. The cruise ship was moving slowly. The waiter brought two glasses of champagne.

"Nathan, I feel so drunk already." Raising her goblet, she clinked it with Nathan's goblet.

The moonlight covered his handsome face with a layer of beautiful shadows, casting a long and cool silhouette on the floor. "Don't worry. You can drink. I'm with you." Nathan put his strong arm around her and took her in his arms.

Leaning against

previous discussion. She remembered how angry Nathan had been when she had brought up star-gazing.

"Nathan, do you like stars?" Mandy licked her lips, but her eyes were turning from the starry sky to Nathan's face.

Nathan nodded and said firmly, "Yes, I do."

"But, didn't you say that I shouldn't ever mention star-gazing in front of you?" Mandy asked carefully, her heart thudding.

"It was in the past, silly girl." Nathan hugged her more tightly, holding her head and kissing her hair.

Nathan looked relieved and calm. Sharon was buried in the past. He was slowly walking out of his grief.

"Nathan..." Mandy smiled innocently and called Nathan, without saying anything else. For few seconds, they were both silent.

"Do you remember? You once asked me how long I would love you," Nathan asked, breaking the silence. His eyes looked straight ahead. At the moment, he was really delighted.

He hadn't thought about it before, but now he had an answer.

A hint of excitement flashed across Mandy's heart. Although she hadn't heard his answer yet, she seemed to know what was coming.

"You didn't answer me back then." Of course, Mandy wouldn't forget it.

Nathan loosed the little woman in his arms and turned her to face him. "Listen carefully. I will love you as long as my heart beats."

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