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   Chapter 336 I Can Cook

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"Umm," Mandy mumbled and opened her eyes. She squinted, adjusting her eyes to the light. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion when she saw Nathan's angry face.

Mandy opened her mouth to say something, but Nathan picked her up effortlessly.

"Nathan, when did you come back?" Mandy wrapped her arms around Nathan's neck, inhaling his scent. A moan escaped from Nathan's lips as his excitement bubbled up with Mandy's tiny gesture.

"Who in the world falls asleep in a bathtub? What if you catch a cold?" Nathan was looking worried as he placed Mandy gently on the dressing chair.

Mandy groaned at Nathan's sullen face. She had made him unhappy again. She did not know when she had fallen asleep.

"I was bored and tired today. Don't worry, I'm strong and won't catch a cold," Mandy said, flexing her arms to show off her muscles.

Nathan burst out laughing. He pulled out a dry towel from the cabinet and ruffled Mandy's hair to dry it.

"Are you really showing off your puny little arm?" Nathan laughed, shaking his head.

"Oh, yes. I am. And it's not little." Mandy rolled her eyes. She was strong and muscular once. She had lost her muscular figure as soon as she stopped working out.

"All right. Don't fall asleep in the bathtub next time. Otherwise, I might have to punish you." Nathan grinned as he continued to rub the towel against Mandy's wet hair.

"Oh, really? What will you do? You are the best boyfriend in the world. I know that you can't punish me." Mandy bit her lips teasingly as she dipped back into Nathan's arms.

"You are a charmer, aren't you? You are an expert when it comes to playing cute." Nathan smiled and grabbed another towel.

"Don't you like me this way? I think you'd prefer having hundreds of women playing cute with you, right?" Mandy spun a

dining room.

Lillian did not want to encroach on the couple's space and had gone back to her room. The table was garnered with delicious food, and Mandy's mouth started to water.

"Wow, Coca Cola Chicken Wings!" Mandy sat down and clapped her hands excitedly like a little child when she saw the big plate loaded with chicken wings.

Mandy loved Lillian's cooking. Lillian was a great cook, better than her own mother.

Nathan couldn't help but smile at Mandy. He had never asked what Mandy loved to eat but had secretly found out her favorite dishes. He was surprised to find out that they had similar tastes.

Mandy didn't like spicy food just like Nathan and loved to binge on meat.

"Take your time. There's no hurry. No one's going to take your food away." Nathan chuckled and picked up his chopsticks. All his tension faded away when he saw Mandy gobbling the food up like a little child.

"Nathan, do you know something? I make excellent Cola Chicken Wings. But Lillian makes it better than I do. I want to know the secret." Mandy smiled. She was always fond of Lillian's cooking.

"Really? You can cook too?"

"Yeah. I will cook for you one day." Mandy grinned happily.

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