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   Chapter 334 You Like Him

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"Nacy, you like him," Bruce said playfully as a knowing smile stretched across his lips.

Nacy was stunned by his words that hit her with full force. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it and remained completely still on the spot.

"I don't." Nacy lifted her head to look at Bruce. A subtle blush colored her cheeks.

She could feel the heat radiate through her cheeks and wondered why she was blushing. She couldn't help but doubt herself. 'Am I lying?' she thought.

Bruce shook his head and grinned without saying a word before looking at the screen.

Simon's eyes were gleaming with happiness, and his face softened at the mention of Nacy. His face was tender, and he couldn't stop smiling.

"Well, today's press conference is over. Thank you for coming," Simon said, smiling. He couldn't reveal any information to the reporters yet as they hadn't come to a decision yet.

Moreover, the truth was capable of harming Nacy. Therefore, Simon chose to remain silent.

But the reporters had created a commotion and were holding their microphones, reluctant to leave while the security guards escorted Simon. The reporters finally left as they had no other choice.

At JS International

The office was strangely silent when Nathan looked at the unusual visitor. His eyes were glinting with malice.

Fred was standing there, holding his breath, and his heart was beating fast. Fred was glad that Nathan was happy about having dinner with Mandy. He understood what Colin's visit meant and was afraid that Nathan would lose his cool.

Colin was standing next to the sofa. He was wearing a black suit. His eyes were cold, and his jaw tightened as he looked serious.

Nathan intentionally closed the file in his hand with a heavy thud to intimidate Colin.

te and would have been waiting in the car to pick her up by now. But it was past their usual time, and Nathan was nowhere to be seen. Mandy grew nervous and was practically bouncing on the spot.

Nathan did not like the idea of Mandy going to work after the incident. But Mandy, as usual, was determined to take care of her patients. Nathan did not want to force her or stop her from doing what she wanted.

Mandy was a talented and ambitious woman.

He didn't want to lock her in a cage, rather he wanted to be there for her, support her and make all her dreams and wished come true.

"Nathan, where are you? Are you stuck in traffic?" Mandy pursed her lips and flitted her gaze to the entrance of the garage, expecting Nathan's arrival.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I have a meeting today, and I won't be able to pick you up. Can you take a taxi and go home?" Nathan said. His eyebrows furrowed when he glanced at the watch in his hand.

"Okay. Come home soon. I'll be waiting for you," Mandy said.

"Sure. Be safe and text me once you reach home." Nathan groaned as he glanced at Colin. He thought that he had to endure this trouble and put up with Colin's rambles a little longer.

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