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   Chapter 333 Because Of Someone

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Regret was written all over Simon's face. It was not a very pleasant feeling, but Simon endured. He had to take responsibility for what he had done.

"What sort of compensation? Money? Do you think I'm desperate for cash, Simon?" The more Bonnie said, the more angry she became. Bonnie was already seething at Simon's remarks.

Seeing how riled up Bonnie was, Eve grabbed the phone from her and spoke, "Simon, are you still a man or not?"

Hearing Eve's voice over the phone, Simon was stunned for a while. Once he gained his composure, he spoke with a sneer. "Eve, you'd better start behaving. Don't ever try to put up barriers between Nathan and Mandy again. And, yes, I am and always was a man. A man with principle who's willing to make tough decisions. That's something you're sorely lacking."

As soon as he finished speaking, he hung up the phone. Then he placed Bonnie's phone number on the blacklist.

This was the first time in 20 years that Simon had acted so decisively. Simon knew that there would be consequences for severing his engagement to Bonnie, but he was willing to bear it.

In the evening, Simon informed his journalist friends that his engagement with Bonnie was off. The news quickly spread like wildfire, dominating headlines everywhere. It even overshadowed Nacy's own troubles.

Simon's parents were in France when they heard the news that he was breaking off his engagement. They hopped on the first flight back home.

Nacy and Bruce finished shopping in the supermarket and was about to go home. Nacy felt a little thirsty, so she bought a cup of coffee. When they walked through an open-air square, Nacy suddenly saw Simon's face plastered all over a large monitor. Nacy could not help but notice how handsome Simon was.

Simon was dressed snappily in a black suit. He had an air of calm and confidence, despite his heavy burdens. He walked through the crowd of reporters and headed to the front stage.

"I'm here to declare that the engagement between me and Bonnie is off. Bonnie i

with a very sexy body. And she was still a virgin!

The reporters tried not to focus on Bonnie and her virginity. After all, that was her personal affair. What they wanted to get to the bottom of, was the reason for the engagement being cut off like that.

"Mr. Ye, did you hear the news that Miss Jin walked out of the apartment with a man this afternoon?"

"You and Miss Jin have known each other since childhood. You must know about that, right?"

The reporters grilled Simon with question after question. Nacy saw everything unfolding, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of panic and also a little excitement.

'Did Simon sever his engagement for me?' Nacy thought inwardly.

She bit her lips and suddenly turned to Bruce, saying, "Let's get out of here."

"Shall we hear him out?" Bruce asked with a gentle smile. He looked especially handsome when the sunset glow sparkled on his soft hair.

"I won't listen. It's awful!" Nacy shook her head. She already knew the answer. Even if Simon didn't tell her, she knew that he severed the engagement for her!

For a time, Nacy had reproached Simon and Bonnie for their engagement. Simon was Nacy's puppy love, her first love! However, after so many years, Nacy had finally felt a sense of closure between her and Simon. She felt as if she had finally let the past between them go.

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