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   Chapter 332 To Inform You

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Bruce's handsome face instantly attracted the reporters' attention. They began to capture as many photos of him as possible.

"Thank you for your attention. I'll answer a few selected questions, okay?" Nacy glanced at him and then turned to the reporters. If she didn't make it clear, she wouldn't be able to leave.

"Well, Miss Jin, please tell us!"

"First of all, I want to clarify to you that this man on my side is not my boyfriend. We are friends and have known each other for quite a long time. Secondly, I want to take a break from acting because lately, it has been stressful. But please understand it has nothing to do with this gentleman. I would like to take this break to better myself. And acting is something which requires a lot of effort and enthusiasm. Under the circumstance, I am unable to perform. Hence, I will be taking some rest." Nacy grinned to the reporters before she answered to the camera.

Having grown up in the entertainment industry, Nacy knew how to behave with these reporters.

The first rule was to behave like a lady under all circumstances. Sometimes, the questions might seem personal. Some people may feel compelled to retort back angrily. But Nacy always remained composed.

"Miss Jin, we all know that you have been in the entertainment industry for many years and have never been involved in any scandal. It's the first time we see you walk together with a male friend. Is there any hope that this will turn into something else?"

"Miss Jin, are you sure this is merely a friendship?"

Their sharp questions began to flow. Nacy kept smiling the whole time, but when she was asked if they had a chance to develop further, she squinted instantly.

Nacy had been spoiled since she was a little girl. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and everyone craved to have the

ut by now, she had almost guessed the reason. Only Simon could get such a harsh reaction from Bonnie.

"Are we going through this? If you don't remember, let me remind you that it was you who insisted on sticking with me. I have never promised you anything." Suddenly, Simon sneered, with a slight smile at the corners of his mouth. He could not tell whether he was mocking himself or Bonnie.

"Simon, you are such a bastard! Listen to me! No matter what happens, I will never agree to break up this engagement! No way!" Bonnie roared, her face ferocious. She was out of breath because of Simon's words.

"I'm not negotiating with you. I just called to inform you."

"I will never agree! Simon, all my relatives and friends know that we are going to get married. After the engagement, you delayed the wedding. If you didn't want to be with me, why did you hurt me? I'm so humiliated!" Bonnie slumped into the chair, her delicate face bathed in tears.

"Okay, stop pestering me. I will make it up to you as much as I can." Simon sank into a chair with a tired look on his face. He rubbed his temple and felt a headache was brewing.

If he had been more determined and mature, maybe he would have been with Nacy.

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