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   Chapter 331 Being Surrounded By Reporters

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Updated: 2020-03-19 08:44

For so long, Nacy had dreamt of sitting face to face with Bruce to talk to him. Now, that simple dream had turned into reality.

There was a time when Nacy thought she wasn't brave enough. She was stubborn and rash in her relationship with Simon. Not until she actually lost him did she realize that the past had finally passed forever.

There was the doomed sadness between the two men. Simon was only a few years older than Nacy, but they still weren't emotionally ready for this. Nacy could only love the man who could love her and stay with her for a lifetime. It didn't matter if he were handsome or rich.

"How about we talk about the guy who's courting you?" Bruce suggested, leaning back in his seat.

"And who are you talking about?" Nacy cocked up an eyebrow.

"Who else can it be? Simon? Right?" He leaned in closer. Honestly, Bruce didn't get why he was so concerned over her love life.

She swallowed, shrugging in reply. She wasn't really in the mood to talk about him. "That's all in the past. I mean, I did like him, but I realize that he's not for me."

"Isn't that harsh," Bruce said, wincing.

"It's not harsh. I just want someone who could care for me, you know?" She held up a bowl of mango pudding and handed it over to Bruce, smiling. "Have a taste. If it's good, I'll make another one for you next time."

He held it and took a spoonful of the pudding. He groaned, feeling the sweet taste almost melting on his tongue.

"This is good!" Bruce praised.

"I can make another one for you tomorrow then," Nacy replied, smiling. Whenever she saw him smile, it felt like her world was all fading before her. Warmth spread over inside her as if she was being showered by rays of s

er, before they could get any farther, a car screeched to a halt in front of them, and soon enough, dozens of vehicles stopped around them.

With microphones and cameras in hand, reporters and photographers jumped out of their cars and surrounded them like a pack of hungry hounds. Without warning, they started shooting the two.

Although Nacy had become used to all the clicking sounds, Bruce wasn't. In fact, he was still dazed by what was happening around him.

In a few seconds, they already found themselves crowded by the reporters, all of whom were desperately trying to push microphones into their faces.

"Miss Jin, is the man standing next to you your boyfriend?" a journalist shouted.

"If he isn't, then why come out of the same community?"

"Miss Jin, in your conference, you said you wanted to have a time out from all the showbiz. Is it because of your boyfriend?"

"Miss Jin, please say something!"

Nacy scrunched up her forehead in frustration as she tried to wave the reporters off.

However, Bruce was calm. He was dressed in a crisp blue shirt and a pair of pants, looking very presentable to the crowd.

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