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   Chapter 324 I'm Born Kind

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"Yes, Mr. Jin. I got it," Peter said gratefully while kowtowing three times on the ground.

"Cas, are you okay?" Mandy asked while patting on her back. Concern was etched on her face.

As an inexperienced girl, she must have been terrified by today's events.

"I.... I'm fine. Don't worry. After all, we are all safe now," Cassie said after mustering up some courage. By now, she had calmed down. Silently, she began to recite Amitabha. 'It is true that good people get good rewards, ' she told herself.

"Okay, let's get out of here right now. I don't want to spend another second in this horrible place!" Mandy shook her head and squeezed Cassie's slightly cool fingers tightly, so as to comfort her.

After they boarded the helicopter, Nathan sat next to Mandy. Suddenly, his eyes fell on her wrists, which were red and swollen. "Justin is a bastard!" he murmured to himself.

He kept his burning eyes on her wrists and then tightly held them. His eyes reflected a touch of heartache. He couldn't bear to see her in pain.

"How do you feel? Does it hurt very badly?" Nathan asked, his face turning cold.

"It doesn't hurt. It's just a small wound." Mandy shrugged like it wasn't a big deal.

"What the hell happened today? What was the need to visit that damn place for no reason?" Nathan asked, unable to hide his fury. His eyes became sharp like he was going to dig out all the secrets of Mandy's life.

Mandy nervously bit her lips, feeling a little guilty. If she told Nathan the whole thing, the poor mother and daughter would also have to get involved. Hence, she decided it was best to keep this a secret from him.

"It's okay. I... I came to that place after being cheated by Justin." Mandy averted her gaze to the cloudy sky outside. She knew Nathan could look into her eyes and tell she was lying.

"Mr. Jin, she is lying. The truth is..." sitting in the back seat, Cassie rubbed her swollen face and explained in a depressed voice.

She had been listening to the conversation between Mandy and Nathan silently. She was furious that Man

hed her hair and pulled herself back. She then leaned against the back of the chair. Trying to stop thinking about the couple in front of her, her mind drifted back to today's incident. She was glad to be alive.

Mandy wanted to stretch out her right hand and beat Nathan's chest, but Nathan held her hand so firmly that she had to use her left hand to hit him. Her fists fell on his shoulders slightly, as if she was giving him a massage. Instead of feeling any pain, Nathan was overcome by pleasure.

"Honey, can you give me a Tai style massage when you come home tonight?" After a long and hot French kiss, Nathan finally let go of Mandy, satisfied.

With her eyes wide open, Mandy gazed at him. With this reaction, she looked particularly cute. Although it was not the first time Nathan had kissed her in public, she still felt a little embarrassed because of Cassie's presence.

"Stop kidding!"

"If you don't know how to give a Thai style massage, then give me a French-style massage instead." Nathan grinned evilly, looking shrewd.

"Fuck off."

"Okay, let's go fuck on the bed now!" As he looked at Mandy, he found her even cuter.

"I prefer to see you rolling on the ground by yourself," Mandy said calmly and kept smiling.

"Okay, I'll take off my clothes and perform for you when I get home," Nathan said haughtily, raising his eyebrows with a smile.

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