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   Chapter 323 Will You Let Me Go

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As soon as the sound from outside the door reached them, Justin gestured everyone to be quiet. He glared at Mandy and Cassie, threatening them to remain silent. Then he winked at Peter, asking him to find out what happened outside. Peter picked up his pistol and had barely taken just a few steps towards the iron door when the door exploded inward with a bang.

"Justin, I have told you that if you dare to hurt Mandy even a bit, I will not spare the life of a single person in your family. I will bury you all alive!" Nathan roared, looking straight at Justin. His cold and insidious voice echoed in the abandoned factory.

Mandy looked in the direction of the exit, and a reassuring smile spread over her face. She saw a large group of people standing right behind Nathan. Nathan's tall and straight figure had an innate charisma, and more than a hundred strong and well-built men were standing behind him, each with a gun in his hands.

Justin had expected that Nathan would find this place, but he didn't expect him to reach it so quickly. He didn't even take ten minutes to reach them.

Considering Nathan's promptness, Justin was pretty much intimidated.

Glaring at Mandy viciously, Justin suddenly stretched out his long arm and pulled Mandy in front of him. He then put the gun against her neck.

Mandy was not as strong as Justin. Moreover, he had a gun in his hand, so Mandy did not dare to move. She could only raise her chin obediently and do as per Justin's order.

"Well, anyway, if this has turned into a life-and-death game now–I'll fight till the death today!" Justin let out a cold smile, his eyes looking aggressive and desperate like never before.

Peter, who was known to be a daredevil, started feeling week in his knees. His legs started trembling when he saw Nathan and his huge army of men.

"Justin, if I find a single scratch on her, I promise I will feed the dog with your parents' flesh and blood!" Nathan roared in his low and deep voice. He was outraged, and there was a cold and murderous look on his face as if he would take the life air out of Justin with just one blow.

"Nathan, will you let me go if I release Mandy right now?" Justin asked with a sharp laugh in his throat. His angry face was covered with fierceness, and his eyes were scarlet.

"You set her free first. After that, I'll set your whole family free," Nathan said aloud as he looked at Mandy firmly. He wanted to give Mandy strength and tell her not to be afraid. He would make sure that she left this place unharmed.

"And what about the Lin Group?" Justin ask

ou say that you would let him go this time?" Mandy asked as she licked her lips nervously.

"I said I would let him go, but I did not say that I would let him stay alive!" With a soft smile on the corner of his mouth, Nathan put a hand in his pocket.

Mandy's fluttered her eyelids and then opened her eyes wide. For a moment, her heart trembled. She felt strange, thinking that how could a person be so warm and yet so vicious at the same time. She felt as if there was a thin mist between them, which made Nathan look a little hazy.

Nathan looked into Mandy's eyes as he smiled, exuding his usual nonchalance as if nothing had happened.

He knew that Mandy was a little scared at the moment. But he wanted to let everyone know that Justin lost his life because he dared to hurt Mandy. If anyone dared to hurt Mandy, Nathan would not only destroy the person but his entire family. And there was no doubt about it.

In fact, Nathan didn't want to let Mandy know his dark side, and he didn't want her to think of him as a cruel and cold-blooded man either.

Nathan did all this only because he loved her so much. He could not bear to see her getting hurt or be afraid of the way she was at the moment.

In the factory, all the men who had come with Justin, including Peter, had knelt down in front of Nathan, begging for mercy.

"What are you going to do with Justin's companions, Nathan?" Mandy asked as she caught a glimpse of Peter and his allies, kneeling on the ground.

"Just ignore them. I hope that they shape up and make good. If they dare to do such things again, they will end up with the same fate as that of Justin!" Nathan warned as he frowned at them from the corner of his eyes and sneered.

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