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   Chapter 322 The Ruthless Revenge

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After Nathan hung up the phone, his face went completely pale and gloomy. His eyes were cold and still as if he had just seen death.

"Mr. Jin, it will take at least an hour for us to get there from here." Fred had carefully checked the route. It was a little far away from them.

"Get the helicopter and arrange all our men." Nathan lowered his head and thought, 'I must reach Mandy as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might be too late.'

Inside the abandoned factory, in a depressed and dilapidated surrounding, even the air felt as if it loomed heavily with an eerie silence that made the place look like hell.

Mandy stared at Justin with disbelief as he stood right in front of her.

Mandy wondered what had prompted her mother to ask her to go on the blind date with this bastard. She felt that it was humiliating for her. She wondered if she hadn't known Justin before, would nothing have happened now?

"Justin, I didn't expect you to hit a woman. How could you do this?" Mandy touched Cassie's swollen face tenderly and felt sorry for her.

"Even a desperate dog would jump off the wall. And I am just a human being," Justin said as he squinted at her with a smug smile on his face.

"You lost the bet. Don't you understand that? You lost that piece of land to Nathan in Las Vegas. And now you kidnapped me just to threaten him. What's wrong with you?" Mandy said fearlessly, looking into Justin's cold eyes.

Mandy had a firm belief that Nathan would come to her rescue very soon. He would surely come. And by the time Nathan arrived, she would beat Justin to death and ask him to apologize to Cassie. All she needed to do at the moment was just to spend the time waiting until Nathan arrived with his men.

"Mandy, you have very little understanding of this business. A lot of plots and schemes are involved in it. And for your kind information, I can kidnap you to threaten him. That is how I choose to do my business. Do you understand?" Justin let out a sardonic smile as he replied to Mandy.

Although Mandy despised Justin from the bottom of her heart, she still didn't dare to argue with him. Evidently, from the looks of his behavior, Justin had lost his mind at that moment. He was no longer the man who went on a blin

his life.

"Justin, you have gone crazy." Mandy put a brave face and stood up to cover Cassie from the front.

"Yes, I am crazy. But I was forced by Nathan. Now, you better be ready to go to hell with him. Just don't bother me." Justin prepared to pull the trigger and aimed at Mandy coldly.

He had had a crush on her. But he knew clearly that he could never win her heart. And since he couldn't get her, he couldn't even let anyone else get her. When Justin came to know that the Lin Group had no back-up, and it was Nathan who was taking over, he could not accept it. He could not let Nathan acquire everything so close to his heart.

Cassie was so scared that her face turned pale, and her whole body was trembling on the ground. Mandy bent down quickly and helped her to get up on her feet.

All of a sudden, a flame burst out from Justin's gun. With a calm expression, Mandy pushed Cassie away and stepped back to save herself from getting hit by the jet of fire that was shot at them. She had heard that the gun that Justin used did not shoot a bullet, but it was a sudden movement of fire. It was even more dangerous than a bullet.

Justin's cold eyes darkened. He stared at Mandy like a venomous snake. He didn't expect that Mandy could dodge his fire so promptly. The very next moment, he aimed the gun at Mandy once again.

Mandy became very nervous and did not dare to make eye contact with Justin.

Just then, a sudden noise outside the door distracted Justin's attention.

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