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   Chapter 321 I'll Kill Your Family

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Cassie was trembling with fear as the water bottle in her hand slipped out of her grasp, spilling water everywhere.

The air was thick with tension, and silence emanated in the place.

Mandy had never seen a real gun before. The government had passed a rule that guns were illegal weapons, and no citizen had the right to carry it. Mandy couldn't understand where the guns had come from.

Justin was vindictive and dangerous.

"Miss Zhou, long time no see." Justin walked towards Mandy with his hands in his pocket. An evil grin stretched across his face.

The men dressed in black were aligned behind him, blocking the exit.

Mandy and Cassie were surrounded by them.

They were trapped, and there was no way to escape.

"Justin, what the hell do you want?" Mandy asked nervously. She speculated that Justin had probably kidnapped her for the piece of land that Nathan had won in Las Vegas.

Cassie's heart was pounding in her chest. She couldn't breathe. The men were carrying guns and wouldn't think twice before harming them. It looked like an action sequence from a soap opera. Not even in her dreams had Cassie thought that she would be in a life or death situation.

"Call Nathan and ask him to sign the statement and return the land to the Lin Group right away. I need one billion dollars as compensation, along with it. You will also warn him to not interfere with the Lin Group anymore," Justin growled and cast a menacing look at Mandy.

Justin was running out of time as Nathan had already instructed his people to search for Mandy. He could not keep her here for too long.

"Are you kidding me? I can't ask him to do anything, even if you threaten to kill me. That's his decision. Moreover, you lost one billion in Las Vegas, didn't you? How can you have it back? Or are you threatening me because you can't even afford one billion?" Mandy was looking at the ground while her mind was racing with thoughts. She lifted her head and glared at Justin.

Justin clenched his fists in

the call was from the kidnapper and decided to locate them by using GPS. Mandy would be with him, and they could rescue her.

When Nathan answered the call, he heard Mandy croak, "It's me, Nathan.''

Nathan's breath stuck in his throat. "Where are you now?"

Justin took the phone from Mandy at once. He felt that it would be more impactful if he talked to Nathan himself.

"Nathan, I'm giving you half an hour to sign the property transfer agreement for the land. I want you to sign the papers and send them to the Lin Group and transfer one billion to my account. And do not even think about suppressing the Lin Group. If you are too ambitious, then forget Mandy," Justin said coldly, and his face was expressionless.

"Justin, if you even think about touching Mandy, I swear I will burn your family alive!" Nathan growled over the phone.

Fred was adept at his job and had already found Mandy's location. He winked and flicked a thumbs up, signaling Nathan that the job had been done.

"Your woman is in my mercy, and you have the audacity to threaten me? All you've got is half an hour. If you don't do what I say, then you can forget her. Don't blame me for being cruel."

"Don't hurt her," Nathan said sternly.

"Don't worry. I will spare her if you do what I say." Justin's maniacal laughter echoed in the factory.

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