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   Chapter 320 I Will Pay Double The Money

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Mandy was clueless about where she was. She could only make out that she was somewhere quiet, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The quietness of the place frightened her to death.

"Walk by yourself. You will be sorry for your fate if you try to escape." Peter grabbed Mandy's hands so roughly that his fingernails sank into her skin. They still had a long way to go, so they had decided to let Mandy walk on her own.

"Where do you want me to go?" Mandy fluttered her eyelashes, trying to look innocent. There was only a chemical plant in the area, which was about a couple hundred square meters long. The rest of the area was farmland.

"You'd better not play your cheap tricks with me. If you are smart enough, you will walk ahead without questioning me." Peter cast a nasty look at Mandy and took her to the factory.

Cassie was also dragged by a group of men and was on the verge of crying. Why did such fucking places exist in this world?

Mandy was aware that it was not the right time to escape. Even if she tried, her effort would be in vain with all these men watching her like a hawk. She felt the best way was to play along and pretend to obey them. So Mandy walked into the chemical plant without uttering a word.

Mandy's heart was drumming loudly in her chest with every step she took forward. She was not aware of what was waiting for her, but whatever it was, it did not seem like a good thing at all.

Soon they arrived at the rusty, grey iron gate of the chemical plant. When Mandy walked inside, she realized that it was a scrapped chemical plant. It seemed like an abandoned factory that was devoid of human activities.

When the gate opened, a shower of dust dispersed in the air, which choked Mandy. She turned around to look at Peter. "Can you please get me a bottle of water?" she asked while having a fit of coughing.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Do you think this is your house? You snap a finger and get what you want?" Peter glared at Mandy.

"But I'm parched. You are wasting your time; you are not going to get anything by kidnapping me. I haven't eaten anything since morning," Mandy pleaded.

"Deal with it. You won't die if you starve one day." Peter despised Mandy


"Drink it now," the man said coldly as he handed the bottle of water to them.

Mandy smiled. "Oh, that's very kind of you. You are not heartless like him."

The man ignored her as he understood that it was yet another trick Mandy was playing.

But Peter was pissed off. 'How the fuck can she call me heartless?' he thought.

Mandy heard the sound of a car parking outside the factory when she was drinking water. The whooshing sound continued, and Mandy felt that there was more than one car.

Her face lit up with excitement as she thought that Nathan had come to rescue her.

Peter glared at her and roughly held her shoulders, shoving her against the wall. "What are you so excited about? Do you think your lover has come to save you?" he sneered.

Mandy glared at him but remained silent. Disappointment settled in the pit of her stomach. Nathan perhaps did not know that she was kidnapped.

Had Mandy known what she was getting herself into, she might not have saved the little girl. It was her kindness that brought her trouble. But the clock cannot be reversed, and what had been done couldn't be undone. Mandy was not ready to give up.

Justin entered the factory along with fifteen, burly men dressed in black suits. He was wearing a designer suit that made him look powerful.

Mandy instinctively sat down. The men who were following Justin seemed strong and were carrying guns. She felt that it was better to keep quiet instead of acting smart.

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