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   Chapter 319 Nathan Fears That Mandy Was Kidnapped

Billionaire's Gift By Rabbit Characters: 6127

Updated: 2020-03-15 21:53

"Of course, she's no use to me," the man scoffed, lazily eyeing the two women before him.

"Peter, stop. Mr. Lin told us not to touch them," another man said, who was also dressed in a pair of black boots and a long black trench coat. He walked quickly towards the fat man and stopped him.

"Really? Who is she anyway? She's no one." Peter stared coldly at them. 'Who is this woman? I can't touch her? It's not a big deal, ' he thought to himself, scoffing. He usually touched all the women that were brought to him.

"Mr. Lin? Is he... Is he Justin?" Mandy asked, and everything seemed to finally fall together. She froze, trembling with stark fear. The last time he tried to kidnap her, he failed tremendously. Now... 'Did he try to kidnap me again?'

Then it made absolute sense. Mandy had never offended anyone in her life. It must be him.

"You bitch!" the man in black spat out. "You dare call out his name?"

"I'm telling you now. If it is Justin who kidnapped me, I suggest you let me go, or else you'll face the consequences." Mandy threatened, unfazed by the profanities being thrown at her.

"You think you're so above us, girl? I'll teach you a lesson!" Peter kicked a tin can over to the wall as he roughly grabbed her slender neck with his hands. His calluses rubbed against her skin as he gave her neck a squeeze.

Mandy gasped for air, struggling in her seat. She cried out in pain. The moment Cassie heard it, she growled. "You bastards!" she wailed. "I'll kill you!"

However, before she could threaten them anymore, her mouth was quickly covered by a thick cloth.

"Let her go, Peter. She needs to be alive," the man in black intercepted once again.

Justin had paid them fifty thousand as a deposit to kidnap them. If they did it successfully, he'd deliver the last three million of the contra

t contacted me since noon." Nathan stood up from the sofa. Knowing what type of place it was, he couldn't wait any longer. He needed to find out whether Mandy was safe or not.

Nathan caught a glimpse of the sky outside the French window. Dark clouds were gathering in the gray sky. The sun had gone and was replaced by the smog that polluted the city.

He scowled.

Working with him for years, Fred already knew what Nathan would be up to. Without saying anything, he took his briefcase and walked out with him.

The black commercial vehicle made turn after turn before finally stopping beside a farm in the countryside. In front of it was a huge chemical plant. At a glance, the green fields were peaceful. No one would expect that they'd be there.

"Take them in." Peter jumped out of the car and glanced at them through the car window.

"Yes," someone in black answered.

Before they knew it, Mandy and Cassie were pulled out from the sacks. Once the strips of cloth loosened, they inhaled, a band of fresh air entering their lungs as they looked around. Where were they?

Mandy worriedly eyed the unfamiliar landscapes. Although she had been to the countryside multiple times, she'd never been here.

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