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   Chapter 317 Falling Into A Trap

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Inside the pink princess room, Claire shut the door close.

After helping Eve up on the bed, she knelt down to massage her knees.

"Does this hurt, Eve?" Claire asked, sounding so concerned as she gave Eve a pitiful look.

"It hurts!" Eve exclaimed as she bit her lower lip, completely oblivious of the fact that Claire had only been putting on an act.

"You silly girl. I've been winking at you all the time, haven't I? You should know that your father's bark is worse than his bite. If you had admitted to your mistake earlier, you wouldn't have had to kneel for so long," Claire softly said as she continued to massage Eve's knees.

"Mom, was I really in the wrong? What on earth did I do wrong? Why did dad have that weird look on his face?" Eve asked. At that moment, there was a hint of malice on her face. It seemed that she hadn't realized what she had done wrong. Instead, she simply came to hate Mandy that much more.

"Your father can't do anything about it. He and Jason have been good friends for as long as I can remember. Eve, didn't Mom tell you about it already? It would have been better to wait for Bruce to expose it, rather than reveal those photos by yourself. Why did you lose your cool there?" Claire said, letting out a deep sigh.

"I really hate that girl!" Eve blurted out, furiously gritting her teeth. Then, she suddenly jumped out of bed and searched for the stack of photos on the nightstand.

She had left the photos along with the negatives in her room. The original plan was that Eve was going to send the photos to Nathan anonymously. That being said, when she saw how happy Mandy was at Henry's birthday party, she completely flew off the handle.

A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow. For that reason, Eve was full of remorse!

"What are you planning to do with these photos?" Claire glanced at her and asked. As Claire looked at Eve, she thought that she was impossible to read. Right now, she had no idea what Eve wanted to do.

About ten seconds later, Eve asked a maid to bring an iron basin into her room, and then she quickly closed the door tightly.

On the balcony, the night was shrouded in a thick mist, and there were dark clouds covering the stars looming overhead.

As she held the thick pile of photos and negatives in her left hand, Eve lit her Zip

month. I was on the phone with her mother just now, and she asked me to take a look at her daughter because she couldn't afford the medical fee," Mandy said in a somber tone, pursing her lips.

"You don't have to do that, Mand. You're being too kind," Cassie remarked. She sincerely thought that Mandy was really kind-hearted.

Logically speaking, the patient had been discharged so long ago, so she didn't have anything to do with Mandy anymore. No one could blame her if she refused to visit her right now.

"Cas, this is a matter of life and death. The little girl's life is on the line. She's only nine years old, and her family is going through some difficult times. I only wish to be of help to people like them who are in need!" Mandy resolutely said as a pure smile crept onto her face. It was apparent that she didn't care about what Cassie had to say whatsoever.

"Well, then let me come with you. I can give you a hand. That's the least I can do," Cassie said. In truth, she was also a very kind girl.

"That would be great! Let's go!" Mandy smiled and held her hand as they headed out.

Arriving at the address sent by Annie's mother, Mandy pulled over at the roadside and went straight into a dilapidated building along with Cassie.

As her eyes swept across the yard for a while, Cassie had a feeling that this place was a bit spooky. With her arms wrapped around Mandy's she asked in a trembling voice, "Mand, and you sure this is the right place? Why does it look so old and rundown? This place is obviously in ruins!"

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