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   Chapter 316 They Spoke It Out Frankly

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Nacy felt relieved that Mandy was not with her at that moment. If Mandy has seen Nacy's face that had turned crimson as she spoke to her, she would be rather embarrassed.

"Nacy, it was entirely my fault. In fact, I should have told you about it at the very beginning. But I was really confused. I didn't know how to say it. It's just that I really didn't want to show off in front of you nor did I want to play with your feelings," Mandy said in a regretful tone. She sat still on the bed, lowering her head.

"It doesn't matter. Now that we have talked about it frankly, it is all clear now. We will still be good friends in the future." A smile appeared on Nacy's face. She felt so happy that all the misunderstandings were cleared between her and Mandy. Her chest felt so light after having spoken about something that concerned her the most.

Mandy felt the same way. She cherished everyone who was close to her. No matter how time went by, she would be true to everyone and treat them with utter sincerity.

Whether it was her friends or her patients, she spared no effort to do her best for them.

At the Su Mansion

It was quite late in the night. In the resplendent and magnificent living room, the lights were still on. Eve was kneeling on the marble floor. The sparkling clean marble floor mirrored her face that had embarrassment written all over it. Two thin streams of tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Eve, I have brought you up with so much love and affection. You are an adult now. When did I teach you to do such a thing?" Sitting on the sofa, Shaun looked furious as he pointed at Eve with his trembling finger.

Just a while back, Jason had called Shaun and told him in detail about what Eve had done. He was so angry that his face went pale, and his blood pressure was about to shoot up.

"Dad, why? Why don't you support me? It's all because you don't help me at all!" Eve lifted her right hand and wiped the tears. But there was no sign of repentance on her proud face.

"My hard-earned reputation has been ruined by your mindless and frivolous act. Are you satisfied now?" Shaun was so furious that he was shaking all over. He couldn't believe that Eve would go to the extent of taking Mandy's naked photographs. This was not something that the members of the Su Family would ever do. That was so despicable.

Jason and Shaun had been working together for years, and they knew each other very well. The way Jason related the whole incident to Shaun was extremely humiliating for him. In fact, Jason sounded damn serious when he s

ship ever in her life. However, she had not been very lucky in love.

"I know, Dad." Eve fluttered her eyes, feigning a pitiful look, and lowered her head with distress.

Shaun was a very wise and prudent businessman. He had much experience in dealing with all sorts of people. He could see through people very easily. But when it came to his own daughter, he failed to read her mind. After all, he was a doting father, and it was difficult for him to believe that his daughter could do something wrong. No matter what his daughter did, she would always be a kind-hearted child. He could never even think that Eve had grown up to be so self-centered and evil.

"All right. Stand up now," Shaun said, heaving a sigh after a momentary hesitation.

Eve had been kneeling down on the ground for so long that she could hardly feel her knees. She began to struggle as she tried to stand up. Claire bent down immediately to help her.

After helping Eve up, Claire touched Eve's knees, which had become red from kneeling down for a long time. With reproach in her eyes, she pouted and said, "Look at Eve's knees. They have gone red."

Shaun put his hands behind his back and pressed his lips into a thin line. He then turned around and said, "Take her back to her room."

Even if Shaun didn't ask Claire to do that, she would have done that on her own. In reality, Claire was the mastermind behind Eve. She was the one who came up with the idea that Eve should take Mandy's naked photographs. Although Eve had failed in all her attempts to defame Mandy and separate her from Nathan, she still trusted Claire, because she was the only person in her family who supported her goal of taking revenge on Mandy.

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