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   Chapter 314 We Have Known Each Other For A Long Time

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Nacy nodded her head and looked at Bruce with much determination in her eyes. She had made up her mind to help Bruce go back to the No. 1 High School of City A.

"Bruce, I have something to tell you." Nacy screwed on the lid of the ointment and gently placed it on the bed. She looked at Bruce with a serious expression on her face.

"What is it?" Bruce asked directly, his face bereft of any expression.

"I want to be your girlfriend," Nacy spoke her heart out quickly, almost in one breath. Then she looked at Bruce with a lot of expectation in her eyes, her heart pounding against her chest out of nervousness.

Even though Nacy was aware that Bruce would never agree to her request, she was not one to give up so easily. There was an old saying that it was not easy for a woman to chase a man. However, she didn't believe that Bruce was so hard-hearted. And even if his heart was as cold and hard as a stone, she was firmly convinced that her sincerity and perseverance, which were like drops of water, would eventually penetrate through it.

Bruce remained silent for a few seconds. His rigid facial expression started to change, giving way to a rather complicated look. He fell into deep thought, as if a layer of waves had suddenly stirred up in his heart. "What do you like about me?" Bruce asked slowly in a doubtful tone.

"Do you really want to know?" Nacy held her breath and said softly with a mysterious smile on her face.

Bruce nodded seriously. He had always been cautious in love. He could fail in anything, but love. He would always live up to the woman he loved.

"Yes, Nacy. In fact, you are still young, and you have much better options. Have you even figured out your true feelings for me? What if your feeling for me is only a passing infatuation? An infatuation is so different from love." Bruce smiled gently. There was a mark of rare tenderness and affection in his eyes that comforted Nacy.

However, his affection for Nacy seemed to be more like an elder brother's care for his younger sister. Bruce always felt that Nacy was just a little girl and had not grown up yet.

Nacy did not fail to understand Bruce's state of mind. "Why do you doubt my love for you? I really like you. Don't treat me like a little girl, okay?" Nacy said unpleasantly with a serious face. Her beautiful eyebrows curved into a frown, and she bit her red lips hard.

"I had just said a few words, and you have become so emotional. Didn't I just say that you are not grown up yet?" Bruce's low and deep voice broke the silence of the room. A tired s

ompatible with that of Nacy. He couldn't bring himself to even think of standing with her family members, let alone developing a relationship with them.

"Bruce, we have known each other for a long time. Do you still remember the first time we met?" Nacy said. Actually, after hearing what Bruce said a moment ago, Nacy had kept silent for a while. Initially, she was at a loss of words. There was a mark of anxiety on her beautiful face. She was wondering how to persuade him. Then, she decided to make him recall their first meeting.

Hearing this, the indifferent expression on Bruce's face changed all of a sudden. He looked at Nacy in confusion and tried to make out the meaning of her words.

Bruce could not remember that they had met before this. Had their relationship begun a long time ago? When did it happen? Bruce was baffled to think about any possible encounter with Nacy in the past.

Seeing the confused look on his face, a smile spread across Nacy's face. Then she said slowly, "Do you remember that when you were ten years old, you had met a girl who had gotten lost. You accompanied her to wait on the corner of the street and even bought her a Micky Mouse balloon."

Just as Nacy had finished her words, Bruce's eyes lit up. All of a sudden, he could view his ten-year-old self holding a little girl's hand and standing by the street corner.

Bruce frowned at first and then a smile flashed across his handsome face. "Are you that girl?" he asked.

"Of course, it's me. Otherwise, how would I know it so clearly?" Nacy stared at him with a lot of expectations in her heart. She felt incredibly thrilled deep inside. The last thing she had expected was that he would remember her.

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