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   Chapter 313 Don't Take It Off Again

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"No, I'll take you to see the stars." Nathan suddenly raised his head while gazing at the stars, which were shining brightly above.

Mandy bit her lips nervously. There were lines of worry in her eyes.

Mandy still vividly remembered the last time she had said she wanted to see the stars with him, and Nathan had directly turned her down with a gloomy face. Hence, she hadn't dared to mention it again. However, she didn't expect that tonight, Nathan would take the initiative to bring her here.

Hearing Nathan's words, Mandy was a little surprised, but she told herself to be calm. As a capricious man, Nathan could change his decision anytime. She lowered her eyes, and her eyelashes quivered a few times.

"Nathan, you said before that I shall never mention the stars in front of you, right?"

"Mand, I'll explain that to you later, okay? Anyway, now that I love you so deeply, I am willing to explain to you the reason behind my anger." Nathan's eyes narrowed slightly and became deep and affectionate. His eyes were like a deep lake, which was hard to see through.

There was a strong breeze that completely messed up Mandy's hair. Now it was disheveled and all over her face. The smell of her shampoo wafted through the air.

Nathan seldom confessed his love for her. But when he did it, Mandy knew he meant every word.

Her eyes were slightly red. She blinked, and her eyes instantly became moist with tears.

"Nathan, I love you too."

"I know you love me. Why are you still crying?" Nathan frowned. He became worried at seeing the tears in Mandy's eyes.

"I was moved." Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes, Mandy buried her head in his chest, listening to his rhythmic heartbeat. This filled her with a sense of relief.

"Silly girl, close your eyes." Nathan's expression became quite serious. His eyes flashed across her face, and she noticed a smile on his angular and handsome face.

"What are you doing?" Mandy asked, glaring at him.

"Now you just close your eyes and don't say anything. Don't spoil the good atmosphere." While saying this, Nathan reached out his hand and gently touched Mandy's head.

Hearing Nathan's words,

smiled with satisfaction. He stepped on the gas and drove the car out of the manor grounds, speeding through the tender night.

At the YC Aristocratic Community

Bruce lay on the big bed in the guest room, with his upper body exposed to the air. His skin was covered with shocking wounds. The cuts were still bloody. Although the blood had stopped flowing, it would take a long time for these wounds to heal.

Nacy knelt on the bed and helped Bruce change his dressings. She frowned, worrying about him.

"How does it feel? Does it hurt?" she asked. Nacy applied medicine while blowing gently on his wounds. Her action was very gentle, so as not to hurt Bruce.

"It doesn't hurt. Don't worry about me." Bruce remained calm and composed. The pain was killing him, but he endured it somehow.

If a man could not bear such pain, how could he protect his beloved woman in the future?

"Bruce, what's your dream?" Nacy suddenly asked. She had heard of Nathan's ban on Bruce. As long as the ban had not been canceled, Bruce could not find a job.

"My dream is to go back to No.1 High School and accompany the students until the end of their college entrance examination. They are the first students I have taught. This year, they will reach the third year of high school, which is also the last year of their high school career. Leaving them at this crucial point fills me with dread," Bruce said cautiously after a few seconds of silence.

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