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   Chapter 312 Let's Sleep On The Street Tonight

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Sharon's eyes darkened as she got in the limited-edition Lincoln. With a nod, Damian started up the engine, and soon, they disappeared into the dark.

Nathan and Mandy strolled out of the manor hand in hand.

She glanced at the tall man next to her. Nathan had his lips pursed, and his black hair camouflaged into the night. He looked like a simple man and a capable one at that. He had his hand in his pocket, with the other clasped around his wife.

"I know I'm handsome, but you don't have to look at me all the time. I'll start charging you." He winked, interrupting her moony gaze. .

Mandy snorted in reply, turning her head away. "Get over yourself. I wasn't looking."

"But of course, since you're my wife, I'll let you look at me for free," he teased.

"Why did you take me out for a walk tonight, Nathan?" She furrowed her eyebrows. Although the moonlight was astounding to look at with the view, they rarely took walks like this anymore.

"You're weak. You should exercise more often." The corners of his lips inched up into a joking grin.

Mandy glared at him. The only reason why Nathan took her out here was to showcase his own endurance, both in walking and in activities inside the bedroom.

"Don't be so dirty," Mandy teased, pushing him lightly.

"Am I dirty? I'm telling the truth," Nathan replied, sending a wolfish grin her way. His face was as collected as usual.

"But it's useless to keep walking around like this." Mandy yawned, resting her head on Nathan's shoulder as they continued to stroll around the gardens.

The lights that lit up the pavements were just right, drawing long shadows of their figures across the lawn. The scene was as magical as it seemed.


"And where will we go?" A tingle of excitement shot through her spine at the thought of spending up all night with him.

"I could take you to the streets and drop you off." Nathan burst into laughter

"No problem. As long as I'm with you, I'm willing to sleep on the streets." She squinted her eyes in reply.

Silver moonlight shone on them. Henry and Sue stood at the balcony on the second floor of the old castle, looking down at the two lovers.

"Such a good girl," Sue said fondly.

"I've never seen Nathan this happy since that other girl passed away." Henry nodded in agreement.

"Our children and grandchildren have their own lives to live. From now on, we don't need to care so much about them," Sue remarked, her shoulders sagging in relief. It seemed they didn't need their help anymore.

Henry smiled. "It's time for us to enjoy and expect a new great grandson into the family." The two laughed together.

"Silly girl, let's go out tonight," Nathan told Mandy as he touched her nose gently with his slender fingers.

"Do you want to check into a hotel with me tonight?" Mandy's eyes glinted in mischief.

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