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   Chapter 311 Eve's Conspiracy Exposed

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"What? Eve, how could you do this? Do you even realize what you have done? You have almost ruined Miss Zhou!" Sue became really excited as she accused Eve. Earlier in the afternoon, Nathan had called up his grandma and grandpa to tell them about the things that Eve had done. And the part that Nathan had missed out Eve had just admitted to personally. Sue really wanted to pretend that she did not know much about it.

But now that all the evidence was presented in front of her, she could not put up with the pretense anymore. Sue shook her head in disappointment and disapproval of what Eve had done.

"Grandma, I didn't mean to do it. I just got carried away by love." Eve loosened her bite on her lips. The bite marks on her lips were barely as deep as the pain in her heart.

"I had told you that if you like Nathan, I'll help you. But how can you do such a despicable thing? Where was your conscience?" Sue suddenly gave a hard look at Eve. Sue had always been very loving and doting towards Eve since her childhood. She had never rebuked her so harshly.

"Grandma, I'm sorry." After being publicly exposed by Nathan, there was no other way for Eve to make any excuses. The only way for her at the moment was to pretend to be innocent in front of them.

"Well, you can leave now. And just stop crying. I'm only getting annoyed by your tears. I think you'd better go home and make a self-reflection now," saying this, Sue waved at them to leave. At least, she couldn't forgive Eve so soon for what she had done.

Had it not been for the relationships between the two families for so many years, the matter would not have been so easy to be settled. The fact was that the Su Family had helped the Jin Family a long time ago. And now they had to repay it. And at times, the debt of gratitude from the other family was really difficult to pay.

Eve rushed out of the castle, ashamed and crying profusely. Incessant tears were rolling down her cheeks and messed up her makeup, which made her look like a drowned mouse...

In the dining room, Nathan loosened the craft paper bag with his fingers. There was actually no monitor tape in the bag. The monitor tape had already been destroyed by Eve. But it was her guilty conscience that caused her to be unable to keep the heinous crime to herself. Ultimately, it was out of her hands, compelling her to confess her misdeed.

But in this way, the malicious side of Eve was revealed. And that essentially meant that Nathan didn't have to put

t. A spark of joy flashed in his eyes.

"Indeed! I haven't been here for such a long time. Damian, could you show me around over the next few days?" The woman chuckled, and her soft red lips looked extremely seductive every time she spoke or smiled.

"Sharon, are you ready?" As usual, Damian did not fail to take her luggage from her hands.

"Of course," Sharon said as she moved closer to Damian. She had a confident smile on her face, as bright as the sunshine.

"You can rest for a few days. I'll arrange for you to work in JS International after a few days," Damian said as he put his arm around Sharon's waist. Then they turned around and headed to the exit of the airport.

"Don't you want to walk around with me? Didn't you say that you would show me around when I came back? I came back ahead of time only because of you," she pouted and said indulgently like a spoiled child.

"Sharon, don't forget who you are and why you have come here." All of a sudden, the look on Damian's face changed dramatically. There was a cold and unforgiving look on his face that turned his charming expression into a heinous look. He glanced at the floor tiles secretly. In fact, he shouldn't have come to pick her up, but since Sharon had been so stubborn and insistent about being picked up by him, he had to come. She had even threatened him that if she didn't see him at the airport, she would turn around and leave.

"Got it. But you have to come with me after I get it done," she mumbled.

"Okay. I've booked a hotel room for you. Remember not to ask me out until and unless it is absolutely necessary. As for the detailed plan, I'll brief you later."

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