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   Chapter 310 Please Tell Us The Truth

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Mandy's colleagues were jealous of her strange love story. They bickered one moment, and they were happier than ever the next moment. Mandy and Nathan had a nasty quarrel a few days ago, but they had reconciled their differences and even made a public display of their affection.

They had gone to the coffee shop downstairs during break and got back to work during office hours.

"Mand, Mr. Jin has lavishly spent money on you. This Chanel handbag is a limited edition. You can't get it even if you could afford it," Cassie remarked as she followed Mandy into her office.

"Oh! Do you have any idea how much it is?" Mandy asked casually. The price or brand of things had never mattered to her.

"Over four hundred thousand dollars!"

"What? Four hundred thousand?" Mandy gasped in astonishment. Nathan had certainly spent lavishly on Mandy's gifts. It was perhaps not a big deal for a billionaire like Nathan, but he had also gotten her favorite lipsticks and a rose bouquet along with it. Rich people were ridiculous and would go to any extent to have what they want.

"Mand, be careful and keep your bag safe at all times so that no one steals it," Cassie joked as her eyes were gleaming with happiness. She was excited to see that Mandy's life was back on track.

Mandy remembered a quote she had read on Weibo. "The ones who love you observe all the little things about you." Mandy smiled at the thought and realized that it was true. You are naturally drawn towards your loved ones.

Mandy was not moved by the fact that Nathan had spent a lot of money on her. It was the thought and details in the gift that made her happy. All of the gifts were exactly the way Mandy wanted them to be. The bag was simple, yet elegant; the lipsticks were all her favorite shades, and her heart had melted at the sight of the beautiful bouquet. Mandy wondered when she became this lucky.

In the evening, Nathan was waiting for Mandy in his car at the gate of JR Hospital.

Nathan's phone was blaring in his pocket. A frown lined on his forehead, and he clenched

he one who had brought the pictures to grandfather's birthday party! You did it, didn't you Eve? No one, but you can pull off such dirty tricks." Nathan's voice bellowed in the empty hall, and he was shaking with fury.

Eve started to panic. Everyone used to witness her flawless facade; no one was aware of her evil self behind it. Her heart was racing in her chest as she was afraid of people finding out the truth.

"Err ... Yeah, Nathan! But I did it for you–so that you'll know who she really is." Eve blurted out. She wasn't prepared for this and could not think of any excuse to defend herself.

"Do you want me to show the surveillance video of the hotel to everyone?" Nathan arched an eyebrow as his fingers rested on the paper bag.

Eve's face turned pale, and her eyes widened with shock. She couldn't digest what was happening. Was Nathan really humiliating her in front of everyone for this poor woman? Realizing that she would never be able to do anything again, Eve feared that his grandparents would find out the truth. Eve's mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts, and her eyes prickled with tears.

She couldn't come up with a plan. It was too late.

There was a long silence. She loudly swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat and finally said, "Yes, I did something terrible. I admit it. But I did it only because I love you, Nathan!"

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