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   Chapter 309 An Unexpected Surprise

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"Well, we can let all the students sign up for the competition freely. Anyone who wants to take part in the competition can do so," Ethon agreed to the proposal readily.

The first student meeting took an hour and came to a perfect end. Using work as an excuse, Ethon also got the cellphone number and QQ account of Fiona.

At the JR Hospital, it was lunch break

Mandy logged into her QQ account and suddenly received an email from Daniel.

Attached to the mail was a picture and a postcard written by Daniel himself. The landscape in the postcard looked like the scenery in northern Europe.

There was a large green lawn, a European style villa, a blue sky, and a green lake. The scenery was truly a sight to behold!

Mandy continued to click the mouse of the computer to see the contents of his email. Daniel would send her e-mails from time to time. But he didn't write her paragraphs. His messages were always short. However, in a subtle manner, he managed to convey how much he missed her.

This email said: "I have once experienced the purest form of love with you, Mandy."

Daniel attached such a sentence, and then there was nothing more.

Although Mandy understood what he meant, this photo reminded her of one thing.

When Mandy was celebrating her twenty-year-old birthday, both she and Daniel had been abroad. Daniel asked her if she had any wishes, and she said that in the future, she hoped to live in a villa with a vast lawn and a clear lake.

What Mandy didn't expect was that the scene in her dream would appear on a postcard sent by Daniel one day. Mandy was unaware that such a beautiful place could exist outside the realms of dreams. Sadly, Mandy wasn't there to see it with her own eyes.

"After we get married in the future, I'll buy a villa by the lake, and that'll be our home." In a blur of sight, Mandy suddenly thought of her youth and her young love.

"Do you think we will get married one day?" Mandy rested her hands on her cheeks. From her point of view, marriage was a sacred thing. She was just in her early twenties and didn't think she was ready for marriage. According to her, she had a long way to go before she sealed the deal.

"Of course, we will. And then we will have a pigeon pair," Daniel said with a smile.

"The chances of giving birth to twins are very small

like every other woman, Mandy had a love for beauty too. Only two days ago, she had commented on a micro-blog about lipsticks. Her goal was to look the best in front of Nathan.

"Nathan, how did you know I like lipsticks?" Mandy had never asked him to buy gifts for her. Yet her boyfriend was considerate enough to do it. As always, he knew what was on her mind.

"I saw your comment on the micro-blog about lipsticks. It looked like you envy other girls' boyfriends for giving them lipsticks as a present. Do these lipsticks satisfy you?" He raised his eyebrows with tenderness in his eyes.

"Hump! All women love to be beautiful. I could blow up with joy now!" Mandy plunged into Nathan's arms and hooked her arms to his neck, grinning from ear to ear.

Seeing her laugh so happily, Nathan, who had mixed feelings earlier, suddenly became delighted. He hugged Mandy with a smile and said lovingly, "In the future, the whole JS International will belong to you and me."

Listening to the man in front of her, Mandy felt certain that she had chosen the right guy. She realized that there were no men in the world who didn't know how to be romantic to the person they loved. Once true love blossomed in their heart, they showered love like rain.

"Nathan," Mandy gently called his name. At this moment, she realized she was deeply in love with this man too.

"I know my name is pleasant to hear." Nathan reached out his hand and pinched Mandy's nose lovingly.

"Thank you."

"You little fool, don't thank me. These things are very cheap."

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