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   Chapter 308 I Would Not Take Him Away From You

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"Well... You should go back to class now," Fiona said.

With a frown, Ethon wondered what was on her mind. 'Doesn't she like me anymore? Or perhaps she could be feeling embarrassed since her best friend is present!' he thought to himself, unable to understand the reason behind this change in her demeanor.

However, for Fiona's sake, Ethon put aside his confused thoughts temporarily. Quickly, he stood up and smiled. "Well, then I'll go back first," he said.

After Ethon left, Fiona touched her head and frowned. She was certain she would suffer a concussion as the basketball had hit her really hard.

Now that Ethon was out of their sight, Tina walked up to her and touched her head gently. "Are you okay, Nana? Does your head still hurt?"

"A little," Fiona replied.

"You know what? You are so lucky. How nicely Ethon came here, carrying you in his arms! His mannerism was that of a gentleman's. Do you know how many girls now envy you? If I had known being hit by a basketball would bring Ethan's care, I definitely would have volunteered to buy some water. If so, perhaps I would have been the lucky person," Tina said with an envious look.

"I am suffering from a concussion! And here you are lost in your romantic fantasy!" Fiona mumbled unhappily.

"Okay, I was just kidding. But Nana, I think Ethon likes you very much." As if trying to see through her mind, Tina suddenly turned sharp eyes at her.

Upon hearing Tina's words, a tinge of embarrassment showed on Fiona's pale face. She smiled and said, "How could that be possible? I have only shared a few words with him. How could he like me so easily?"

"Do you like him?" Tina asked in a serious tone, staring at her intently.

Fiona shook her head before she even heard the question. She didn't dare to have a crush on Ethon because she knew that Tina had been in love with him ever since they were in the first year of senior high school. But in truth, she did have feelings for Ethon. Or it could be an admiration since he was quite good looking and popular. Anyway, she was determined to get rid of these unwanted feelings.

"Don't worry, Tina. I don't like Ethon. He is all yours, and I have no intention of taking him away from you." With a bright smile on her face, she looked at Tina earnestly.

Hearing that, Tina felt relieved. For a while, she had forgotten the

r them to fly back to City A, and some people might not be able to arrive on time. We want to invite those who bring positive energy to society. Our main focus should be to invite those who will donate money to our school at the anniversary." While Ethon was speaking, all other department leaders of the student union took notes in a hurry.

"We're going to host a performance on the anniversary of our school. Students who are in grade three will not take part in the performance this time, and the students of grade one and grade two have been in the special training during the summer vacation. There should be no problem with the details. You can go to guide them and check if there is anything wrong."

"President, may I ask how the invitation is being sent to the graduates?" asked the director of the Department of Cultural Recreation.

"The invitations will be designed by the students in Arts major. The assessment will be conducted at noon the day after tomorrow. We will pick the best one and give the designer five thousand dollars as a reward," replied Ethon.

"President, do you think that only the students who are majoring in arts can participate in the competition?" As soon as Fiona heard that the student whose design could be chosen would win a bonus of five thousand dollars, her eyes lit up.

"Yes. It is better to give every student a chance, rather than limiting it to the arts major. Students who do not necessarily study fine arts may also have some hidden talents in drawing," the director of the Department of Communications proposed.

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