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   Chapter 307 Being Hit By A Basketball

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But when Tina ran the second circle, disappointment resided in the pit of her stomach as she couldn't find Ethon in his original place.

"I guess he is playing basketball. We can join him later when we are free." Fiona patted Tina on her back, trying to comfort her friend.

Both of them were knackered and were sweating profusely by the time they were done with the eight-hundred-meter race. Everyone in Class Five was thrilled as it was the first time Mr. Zhu had allowed them to enjoy the free activity.

Tina and Fiona walked hand in hand to the basketball court.

A row of girls had assembled at the basketball court, gaping at Ethon playing basketball. He was wearing a T-shirt that clung on to his chiseled chest, making him look more handsome than usual. He was a great player and had effortlessly launched three balls in a row that perfectly slid into the basket.

The girls were screaming at the top of their lungs. Fiona shut her ears with her hands as she was annoyed by the cacophony. Moreover, Tina was standing right next to her, screaming loud enough to tear Fiona's eardrum.

"Nana, why don't we play basketball, too? I'm sure he will be interested in girls who are into basketball." Tina grinned and grabbed a ball from the basket.

Fiona crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head, feeling helpless about Tina's behavior. "Wow! Love sure is powerful enough to make an idiot who despises sport play basketball."

A subtle blush crept over Tina's cheeks. "Umm ...What are you talking about?"

"Fine, I'll play basketball with you." Fiona rolled her eyes and stood near the basket, which was right next to Ethon's.

Tina had no intention of playing basketball, and her eyes followed Ethon everywhere. She couldn't focus on anything other than his handsome face. However, Fiona was serious about the game and hurled the ball right into the basket.

When Fiona finally tore her eyes from the basket and the ball, she saw Tina staring at Ethon. She felt that it was pointless playing the game with T

Fiona woke up to the smell of disinfectant. She tried moving her body but felt like every inch of it was aching. Her shoulders and back were stiff as if someone had tied her up to the bed.

"Are you okay?" Ethon walked up to Fiona and asked. His voice was filled with concern that reflected in his face.

"Ethon... Ethon? Err ... What ..." Fiona stammered, blinking with confusion. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Ethon and Fiona had passed by each other countless times. Fiona used to sit behind him and stare at the back of his head during exams. But their relationship was limited to passing the examination paper.

"Yes, it's me." Ethon grinned, revealing a row of pearly white teeth.

Fiona had never expected their first conversation to be like this–when she was in the hospital bed while feeling fussy in the head. Although they had known each other for two years, none of them bothered to make the first move and talk.

She pursed her lips as she didn't know what to say. She cast a glance to the side and saw Tina watching them with displeasure.

"Thank you for bringing me to the infirmary." Fiona smiled sheepishly, trying to break the awkward silence. But she meant the words with all her heart; she was indebted to him for saving her.

A smile tugged on the corners of Ethan's beautiful lips. "It's okay." He shrugged casually.

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