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   Chapter 306 When A Man Sizes Up Another Man

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"That was different," Madeline protested.

"It's no different. Sure, Nathan has a past of fooling around, but not all things stated in those magazines are true. Plus, people in the higher-ups are always under public scrutiny. As for the rest, it's not our concern. All we need to do is walk a fine line on the public's interest," Stanley remarked, walking over to the sofa, sitting beside Madeline, and wrapping his arms around her waist as he leaned over on her shoulder.

For so many years, the couple always maintained a great relationship. When Madeline's parents passed early, her father dying when Mandy graduated from elementary and her mother passing when Mandy was in her junior years, Madeline had thought she was helpless. However, Stanley opened up this perspective bit by bit as he always stayed by her side.

"I know that." Madeline sighed, rubbing her forehead. This was already giving her a headache. "I just can't help but be worried for my girl."

Stanley paused. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course, I do!" She nodded in emphasis.

Stanley held her hands close to his. "Then listen to me. When Nathan came to our home, and we played chess, I took him as a kind and considerate man. The way he was waiting for me to make my moves, and the way he considered his next–he's a patient one at that. He's no stupid man. He'd be lucky to have Mandy as lucky as Mandy is to have him."

"I just feel that the Jin Family...How can we possibly match up to them?" She frowned.

"You are too worried about these common views. A man is very accurate when it comes to sizing up another man, just as a woman is with her own. And I really don't think Nathan's weak in that area." Stanley shook his head. Although Madeline was born into a literary family, she could be a bit too s

eached Ethon's class, a familiar figure appeared in Fiona's line of sight. It was no one other than Ethon, who was bending down to get his basketball. Seeing him immediately, Tina nudged her.

"He's back!" Tina gasped for breath as she did a little jump.

Ethon was tall, handsome, and smart. In the eyes of many, he was the ideal man any girl would dream of having, so it was usual that he'd attract so much of their attention.

"Why are you so excited?" She cocked up an eyebrow, unbothered. She'd met him multiple times, from her first year to the third year, but they never really talked to each other.

"He's my Prince Charming!" Tina squealed in reply. Although she'd never been fond of P.E. Class, she looked as if she was bursting with energy.

Fiona snorted. "You still have to finish an 800 meter run. I suggest you don't talk now."

"Don't remind me!" Tina groaned in reply. "I hate him. I mean, who even does this?"

"Shouldn't you like it? I mean, Mr. Zhu is giving you every chance you can get to see your 'Prince Charming, '" Fiona joked.

Tina went beet red at her words, but knowing that she was absolutely right, she quickened her pace to go the second lap.

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