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   Chapter 304 Tie The Knot Soon

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"It's hard to say. The cut is quite deep, but our hospital has a special ointment for dispelling the formation of scars. It costs a lot. Somewhere around 5000 bucks each..."

"Cut the crap! Give me two of the ointments right now!" Nacy was so impatient that she couldn't even let the doctor finish his words. Her mind recalled the scene when she lifted the curtain and saw the shocking scars on Bruce. The wound was etched on her mind. Even though she knew he was wounded, she had never seen such a painful sight in her entire life. Her heart was bleeding for him.

"Just wait for a second," the doctor said and left the ward. He had seen too many cases during his career and understood that sometimes money helped.

Soon, Nacy took the prescription the doctor gave her. With it, she went to the ground floor to pay. Later, she returned and took Bruce out of the hospital, carrying two bottles of the ointment with her.

"Listen, Bruce. I'm sorry for what happened to you. I don't know why Nathan acted so violently, and I'll talk to him the next time I see him," Nacy said hesitantly, trying not to hurt him again. The bruises on Bruce had been startling, and it would take some time to recover. Nacy wished that she could do something to amend what her elder brother had done to him.

"Look, you don't have to apologize to me. In fact, it's all my fault. I was carried away by jealousy. If I was smart enough to see that I was no longer the apple of Mandy's eye, maybe this would not have happened. Please don't blame Nathan for it. Honestly speaking, I asked for it!" Bruce's lips curved into an ironic smile like he was laughing at his own misery. But it looked quite distressing to Nacy. She felt even more obliged to take care of him now.

"Hey, please don't blame yourself. After all, we're human beings. We're easily driven by our emotions. Love is the most vicious poison. It can make people get addicted to it. You lose control while under its power." Nacy turned her eyes away from Bruce and gazed at the black sky above. The tiredness in Bruce's voice furthered the guilty inside her, and now she was even more determined with the idea she had come up with.

"Thank you, Nacy. It helps to hear these words from you," Bruce replied in a gratified tone, feeling better.

Nacy avoided making eye contact with him and felt a little shy because of his praise. Therefore, she smoothed her hair and said with a smile, "I suggest you move into my apartment for a while so that I can apply the medicine for you. It will be hard for you to do it yourself."

She hadn't thought what Bruce would think of her suggestion. Her decision was abrupt, and she hadn't wasted any time wondering about his reaction. The only thing she wanted to do was look after this man. His expression aroused her instinct to protect him.

And deep in her heart, she wanted a chance to get closer to him. This would give her plenty of time to spend w

o know each other, most couples would choose to call or send WeChat messages, but Nathan and Mandy had skipped this step. But now, Nathan wanted to experience the feeling of missing someone. All this made their wait worth it.

Just as Mandy got into the elevator, Nathan ran towards her. He could see the sad look on her face and wished to give her something more to remember.

Before she could react, he caught her from behind. Mandy closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reveling in the familiar smell.

All of a sudden, she turned around and found his lips with her eyes still closed. This passionate kiss was full of possessiveness and tyranny. They enjoyed the moment in the elevator.

"Oh, Nathan. I can't live without you! I can't!" Mandy murmured after the long kiss. Their romantic encounter lasted for about fifteen seconds. Finally, she pushed him away to catch her breath.

Nathan put his hands on her back and stroked on it gently to help her relax. "Silly you..." he said.

"Then, how about spending the night together?" he whispered into her ears.

"You know I can't..." Mandy replied, rolling her eyes.

"Just be patient, my lady," Nathan said, and there was something mysterious in his tone. He winked at her mischievously.

"Ding Dong." The door of the elevator opened. Mandy took a deep breath and shrugged. She cast one last glance at Nathan and bade goodbye to him, "Nathan, bye."

"Okay, bye." Seeing Mandy walking out of the elevator, Nathan waved at her.

The elevator door slowly closed. Mandy didn't enter her house until she was sure the elevator had gone down.

Her mother and father had already had their supper. As soon as Mandy arrived, Madeline hurried to the kitchen to heat the dishes. She then sat on the couch, waiting for her daughter to return from the washroom.

In the bathroom, Mandy took out her phone and sent a message to Nathan. She informed him that she was home, ready to have her meal.

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