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   Chapter 303 I'll Drive You Home

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"That's good. Come back soon."

After she hung up the phone, Nathan asked, "Was that your mother's call?"

"Yes," Mandy responded, but she seemed unhappy. She worried if she could make it to the villa tonight.

"Let me drive you home," Nathan suggested, noticing her worry. Although he wished that Mandy could live with him every day, he didn't want to do it without her parents' permission. Being a gentleman, he wouldn't force her to live with him.

A hint of astonishment flashed across Mandy's pretty face. She said with a bright smile, "Why are you being so nice today?"

"Mand, don't you believe I wish the best for you?" Nathan asked seriously. His magnetic voice was like the string of a violoncello.

"Yes, I do," Mandy answered without hesitation. It was said that time would reveal everything. And in the past few days, she had started to learn that Nathan loved her.

"Thank you for your trust. And I wish to marry you when the right time comes." He loosed his right hand on the steering wheel and grasped Mandy's left hand.

Mandy's hands were wrapped in his warm palm. Warmth rushed through her body. She looked up at him with bright eyes and said, "Nathan."

"Are you moved by my words?" Nathan looked affectionately into her eyes. When he saw her watery eyes, he had a doting smile on his face.


"I'll take you home after work tomorrow," Nathan straightened his body and said quietly. His handsome profile looked like a beautiful painting to Mandy.

"What? Isn't this too fast?" Mandy asked in surprise. Once again, her mind went back to that birthday party. Her photos had disturbed his grandfather's birthday celebration. Even though she didn't do it, she couldn't help but feel guilty.

"Fast? I don't think so. I have been wanting to make you mine for a long time." Nathan pursed his lips into a smile, and it looked extremely attractive to Mandy.

In fact, Nathan had already come up with a plan in his mind. Tomorrow night, he wished to sort it out and reveal Eve's tricks to his grandparents. He couldn't bear this vicious woman anymore. If the Jin Family h


"Why do you ask such questions? Your job is to heal him. How he got these wounds is none of your business," Nacy said angrily. Even though she was outside, she could hear the surgeon's question.

The surgeon then closed his mouth and patiently dealt with the wounds. It was a little late for him to be brought here. His wounds were mixed with sweat, making them slightly inflamed. When the surgeon was dealing with his wounds, Bruce began to let out gasps of pain.

"Doctor, be gentle. Can't you see the patient is in pain?" Nacy said with displeasure. She couldn't take it anymore. She lifted the curtain to see how he was doing.

All his clothes had been stripped, and only his underwear was left. Nacy saw something that she shouldn't have seen, so she immediately drew the curtain in shame.

Bruce's face also turned red on seeing her reaction. He felt like he was being molested.

Due to Nacy's nagging words, the doctor finally worked more gently.

"Don't let your wounds come in contact with water until they were healed. Remember not to do strenuous exercise in case the wounds reopen. Later, I'll ask the nurse to bring you a bag of capsules, which will stop the bleeding. Take them without fail tonight," the surgeon took off his mask and said.

"How long will it take to heal?" Nacy frowned and asked.

"At least two weeks," the doctor replied.

"Will there be any scars?"

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